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Kellie Hart Davis is the founder of Fit Thrive and co-author of Strong Curves. She inspires women through fitness and nutrition to grow strong in all areas of life. 

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Find your glass slipper when it comes to workout programs with options to suit your goals, lifestyle, and equipment access. Build strength and muscle while having a blast!

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The Fit Thrive blog offers great fitness tips, workout ideas, and more. Get to know our style, try great exercises, and start taking action toward better health. 

"Stop looking elsewhere. Once Kellie walks into your life you know she’s the real deal. With years of experience she refuses to be ordinary and brings the highest standards to the table. She is a PRO. But not only that, she is the warmest and kindest human being too. If you want the best results, by the best? Kellie is your girl."

Fernanda Echineque

"Kellie taught me that I don’t have to lift heavy with a ton of volume to get results. Thanks to Kellie’s programs, I spend less time in the gym, have plenty of energy to do things other than working out and I LOVE my workouts. Kellie’s programs focus on quality (not quantity) of exercises that deliver real results."

Mariah McCullough

"When I started with Kellie several years ago, I was chasing aesthetics, thinness and acceptance. Several years into training with her and utilizing her amazing get glutes program, then online personal training and most recently business coaching; I have experienced not just an external transformation, but my confidence, self worth and perceived value have all sky rocketed. Thanks to Kellie, I am now a business owner doing what I love on my own terms."

Tara Johnston

"Kellie changed my perspective, and she's always been there for me as a coach with exactly what I needed. As she grows as a coach and an athlete, I do too. She's always been one step ahead of me on that curve, and when I'm starting to feel frustrated, or just ready for a change she has been ready to go with an exact solution to my problem. "

Emily Steezy
Owner, Dyna Maxx Gym

"Kellie has taught me consistency over time. I no longer beat myself up if I have to miss a workout because life happens. Mindset has definitely changed. "

Robyn Durham
Small Business Owner

"I LOVE these workouts. I can do them all at home with my full gym set up, but they were easy to modify for my travels! I love following a program that works for ME and that I don't have to think about! I truly cannot thank you enough for these workouts and programs!"

Meg Doll

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Fit Thrive workouts are designed with your body in mind. Life demands a lot from you. Learn the best ways to fit fitness into your lifestyle so you can stay strong and health for years to come. Get expert coaching, detailed workout videos, instructional guides, live Q and A sessions, and more! 


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Surround yourself with a supportive community that truly gets you. Join our workouts today and become part of an incredible group who lifts you up, shares your experiences, and guides you in the right direction along your fitness journey. 


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Join supportive women in an online workout system that works for your body. Learn exactly what you need to do to achieve your strongest, leanest, healthiest body yet without spending hours in a gym on confusing equipment. Get the tools you need to get real results.

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