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Are you suffering from a case of the DREADS…?


… Dreading the same old boring workout routine that you scratched on a notepad six months ago?

The one you've re-run more times than the final episode of Lost (it was soooo good and weird, but what was it even all about)?

… Dreading yet another failed attempt at one of those schmancy Instagram workouts that the chick made look real easy, but you know you’re gonna fall flat on your face?


… Dreading the oh-gravy-did-I-just-climb-Mount-Everest-carrying-a-camel exhaustion you feel after your day because yesterday’s workout killed you...

...And you're eating barely enough calories to feed a house cat because Joe trainer in that one article told you to...

... And you can’t seem to find the right balance between work, the gym, and your COMPLETELY FULL, really there is no space on my calendar, SCHEDULE?

… Dreading that nagging hip or low back pain you feel when you try to move anything remotely heavy in the gym. If someone could please tell me what the “F” I’m doing to make it all not hurt all the time, #pleasethanksbye?

… Dreading the lack of motivation (like, really... who stole it?) because you can’t find a single routine that works for your body and your goals?...

... Dreading the absolute overwhelm of trying to find the right workout plan for you without shutting down in analysis paralysis with all the conflicting information out there?...


I thought I had to give up running...

"Before I found Kellie's workout programs, I was told by my physical therapist that if I didn't start strength training, I'd have to give up running. Since joining Fit Thrive in 2014, I no longer have pain issues, am stronger than ever, beat all my previous race times, and feel confident in the gym." - Misti


By this time tomorrow you won't be stuck in fitness overwhelm anymore...

Why? Because I get it...

I get you. I was YOU ten years ago before I started my own fitness journey.

Since then, I've spent countless hours deeply entrenched in the psyches of hundreds of women to learn exactly what it takes to be an actual superwoman (read: I have everyday conversations with the real women in my coaching programs about real life so we can break down what it takes to be fit, happy, and healthy without killing ourselves).

I've spent tireless years inside the lab studying what works to build your best body while living your best life (read: I work with real women with real lives who want to feel amazing without giving up what they love)

Wanna know the answers that I discovered after all of this field testing and research...?

Stop trying so hard. That's it. 

Hand over the reigns to someone else for a change, so you can focus on being that bad ass mom, partner, and career woman you were born to be. 

You weren't put on this planet to do everything. That's why people like me (ME exactly) come into your life to be YOUR EASY BUTTON


What this workout system can't do is...

 ... your laundry or bathe your dog or get your sister's birthday gift to the post office before it closes at 5.

But it can put you on the EXACT path you need to finally get next-level results. 

I'm talking results that not only build your dream body, but also leave gas in your tank at the end of the day so you can enjoy life.

Results that have you CRAVING more of the sweet, delicious goodness of a fitness success path that steers you in the right direction at all times, so you no longer feel lost, frustrated, or stuck. 

The goodness of having a kick ass workout plan delivered to your inbox month after month, a supportive community, and a super fun coach who is your biggest fan. 

And isn't that what this is really all about?

Feeling your best so you can be present with your family and friends, kick ass at work, and chill out on the weekends?


Yes. The answer is yes. 


Press The Easy Button, Sista!

The changes I made were epic...

"The changes I made were pretty incredible, in fact I'd say they were epic. This program worked my butt and the rest of my body in a way I never thought possible. I actually can't wait to run it again soon. Thank you, Kellie!"

- Stephanie


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" It’s critical to strength train as I age, and having thoughtful workouts month after month in Fit Thrive keeps me motivated. I'm going to be doing this a long, long time."

Misti Hurricane
Member since 2014

"Kellie has taught me that I don't need to spend hours and hours in the gym to get results. The opposite is true. Fit Thrive gives me an amazing workout, and also gave me my life back."

Mariah McCullough
Member since 2013

"I can't believe the results I got from Glutes and Core Strength. I've followed a lot of programs before and had many personal programs created for me, yet NOTHING has been as enjoyable or results producing. "

Member since 2018

"This program provides me with all of the tools that I need to reach my goal. Kellie, I thank you for that! I'm blessed to have found you and all of you wonderful ladies for amazing support!"

Member since 2017

"You are obviously doing what you love, Kellie, as it shows! I am learning so much from you."

Tara Johnson
Member since 2013

When You Join THE ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP, Here's EXACTLY What You Are Going to Get...

  • A guided program that takes you along the Fitness Success Path, so you can finally see results in the gym and feel like you have a solid action plan. 
  • Workouts that FIT your body and lifestyle so you spend less time in the gym and see REAL results faster
  • The personal trainer experience that is often missing from online workouts, so you learn how to move your body with good technique to avoid injury, and feel confident in your workouts. 
  • A community of amazing women to support and uplift you, answer your questions, and give you motivation to build that bad ass body you dream about. 
  • Greater clarity on the right method to get stronger, build more muscle, and feel amazing 365 days a year. 




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Glutes+Core Strength

Then Move Into:

Get Strong System 

Get Strong Shorties

Epic Ass Series

Bonus Time! 

Live Q&A Sessions

Private Online Community


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Kick Off With:

Glutes+Core Strength

Then Move Into:

Get Strong System 

Get Strong Shorties

Epic Ass Series

Bonus Time! 

Live Q&A Sessions

Private Online Community


Subscription Ends When Canceled

*No refunds after 30-days


All Access Courses

Inside the Fit Thrive All Access Membership you’ll be taken along a unique fitness journey so you can finally see real results with your workouts. No more guesswork. No more feeling lost or stuck in analysis paralysis. No more lack of motivation.

We kick this baby off with the life-changing (not exaggerating, girl!) Glutes+Core Strength. This is THE program that will teach you everything you need to know about your body so you can move better, feel those muscles actually working (HELLO CORE AND GLUTES! Let’s fire!).

This program looks easy. But let us tell you, it’s gonna kick your boot-ay in all the best ways. And you will notice a HUGE difference in your body as you progress into other workouts.

Heck, you’ll feel the difference in everyday life. Oh, did we mention you’re glutes and core will be molded in steel by the time you finish? #perks

After that, we can have a little chat about where you want to go next.

Do you wanna build puuuuuuurdy muscle all over your body, with a nice emphasis on your backside?

Do you wanna get wicked strong (I’m not Bostonian, but gosh I love that word!), work on all those little supporting muscles so you avoid injury, and feel like Wonder Woman every day?

From there, the sky is the limit! The longer you hang with us, the better things get. We have so much juicy workout programming in this baby you won’t ever have the stress of trying to figure it all out again.

Mama Kellie has got your back, girl!


You’d did think I’d leave you hanging, did you? When you sign up, you get access to our too-cool-for-school forum where our super supportive community is there to lift you up, answer questions, and hold you accountable.

And, oh yeah, you can have Coach Kellie check out your form, give you guidance, and answer your questions there, too.

Plus… for the bigger questions in life, we do a monthly Live Q and A call, and we bring in experts from different areas to do interviews. They can answer questions you have about specific topics.

All around, the AAM is the bee’s knees, if we do say so ourselves. It’s like having a ridiculously supportive coach right by your side who gets YOU and your body packaged with the MOST FUN community on the planet, all tied up with ribbons of added experts and guidance.

So, are you in? We are waiting for you!




Go On With Your Bad Self. Get These Workout Systems!



The workout system that is the everything of everythang. Tap into your true fitness potential when we break it down, so you learn exactly what you need to do to develop core control and strength, while building stronger  glutes that level-up to [s]hero status. Learn how the core and glutes work together as a support system, so you can develop rocket strength, grow purdy muscle, and get rid of nagging pain. 




Build your epic everything with this unique muscly-growth system designed to pack on pretty murves (muscle and curves) from head-to-toe, while growing your strongest, roundest, perkiest booty yet. This choose-your-own adventure style series challenges you frequently in new ways both physically and mentally, whether you workout at home or in a commercial gym. These workouts are joint friendly with fast recovery. 




Overcome stuck-ed-ness, smash personal goals, and learn everything you need to know on be your baddest self in the gym. Become unstoppable as you develop Zena Warrior Princess strength that makes you a movement machine, a lifting bad ass, and all around more athletic. These intense full body workouts teach you how to lift weights like a boss so you can Run The World.  Train hard. Recover well. Rinse and repeat. 

As Seen In:


Fit Thrive has one rockstar-status community of thriving women who are serious about their sisterhood. Our private community is like a virtual potluck picnic, where everyone brings something unique and cherishable to the table.  Plus you can connect with your coach for feedback on your workouts, post videos for technique analysis, and join interactive Live Q & A calls.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are given a login portal that kicks off with Glutes+Core Strength. This is the foundational program that will prep you for all the goodness of training. Even if you are a bad ass lifter, this program is a must!

We've had seasoned powerlifters, Oly lifters, obstacle runners, ultra runners, go through this program and it changed the way they train forever. 

After you finish this, you can dig into our other two programs: Get Strong and Epic Ass.

Bonus Goodies:

  • Live Q and A's, plus replays
  • Friendly online forum
  • Expert Interviews
  • Access To Your Coach

Each program requires different equipment, but it is all basic. You are given options inside the programs for substitutions. 


Multiple bands: loop bands, bands with handles, and mini bands. 

A bench, a stability ball, kettlebells, dumbbells, or a barbell with plates. 

Recommended for Epic Ass and Get Strong: The above plus a squat rack or power rack, pull-up bar, trap bar. 

Fun to have, but not necessary: Leg press, leg curl, 45-degree hyper. 

You can cancel at any time during your membership. Your access to all content will be removed once you cancel. We will not offer refunds if you paid for a month and forgot to cancel your membership. Please note through your banking when your monthly membership is deducted from your account so you can cancel prior to your next payment. 

Our full refund policy can be found under Terms on our site. We recommend reading our Terms carefully prior to registration. 


Workouts vary depending on the program and your fitness level or understanding of the movements. 

Glutes+Core: 3 workouts per week, 30-55 minutes

Epic Ass: 5-6 workouts per week, 35-60 minutes

Get Strong- 3 workouts per week, 55-70 minutes

*These times include warm ups.

Our content is delivered on a timed system to provide the workouts at the time you need them.

Each program offers new content every 2-4 weeks. It will show up in your account console, and you will also receive an email each time new content is unlocked.

You will not be able to view content ahead of schedule. However, if you unlock content and haven't viewed it yet, it will not disappear. 

Every time you get a new module in any workout system, it stays in your account for as long as you are a member. 

No way! Each time you unlock a new module in any workout program, the other modules stay inside your account. 

This is the choose-your-own adventure style we've grown to love at Fit Thrive.

We want you to have the power of choice. As long as you are a member, you will get to view any content delivered to you at any time. 


Your goals change over time. Your workouts should, too. The All Access Membership hands you the reigns to take charge of your fitness journey. Whether you want to get stronger, build more muscle, work on core strength, bring up muscle weakness or correct imbalance, or tap into your true power. The program you want is waiting. 


Glutes+Core Strength

GLUTES+CORE STRENGTH is a workout system designed to work for YOUR  body. Many trainers use confusing exercise combos or unnecessary equipment to 'wow' on social media. But their workouts are not effective for building true strength, which is the foundation for booty growth. You want those POW curves!

Hundreds of women use my proven methods to break through fitness plateaus. It's time to FINALLY achieve lasting results that make you an unstoppable superwoman ready to take on the world. 

This program is really what changed my life and the way I trained. I spent years dealing with nagging pain, injury, and feeling like my body just didn’t work the way I needed it to in order to see the results I wanted.

I decided to dig deep into research, so I could build my strongest, healthiest body yet—and it all began with admitting I had a weak, unstable core. And that weak, unstable core was inhibiting my glute strength. I looked strong un the surface, but (like many of us), I learned to manipulate my body in ways that compensated for my weakness and instability.

I went back to the root of strength, working on balance, stability, and control. I put down the heavy barbell and tapped into my deep core muscles. Within a few months I was stronger than ever, and my pain was gone.

Everything I learned is packed into this 12-week course. It’s divided into 4 modules, sharing new content with you every 3 weeks. You have the choice to do this on its own with 6 workouts per week or paired with another program doing 3 workouts per week.

The workouts are as mentally intense as they are physically. It’s like nothing you’ve done before, and you will be cursing me over the smallest movements. But it will change your strength for the better.

This program can be done at home and requires very minimal equipment. It can also be paired with other workouts in the gym and used as prehab work in the future. It’s so versatile and something you can always turn back to when you need a little extra glutes and core love.


Epic Ass Series


A complete workout system designed to grow beautiful muscle, fill out your backside, increase your endurance, and level-up your athleticism (oh, and did I mention build you the best booty yet?)

This program was developed shortly after Glutes+Core Strength. Its name is a little tongue in cheek, but all in good fun. After I decided to scale back on heavy lifting I wanted to build my best booty yet. My friends saw the changed and asked what I was working on.

I replied, “I want to build the most epic ass in 2017!” The name stuck, but don’t let it fool you. Your entire body will grow pretty, curvy muscle from glorious glutes, to gorgeous gams, to rounded shoulders and defined arms.

This is a body part split workout system offering 5-6 workouts per week. It heavily targets the glutes with each workout and is muscle-building focused—so lots of volume, but not the exhausting, lying on the floor in a pool of sweat kind.

Hundreds of women who’ve run through this program said they recovered well after each workout despite feeling sore after. I meticulously designed this program to be give you an intense workout session but allow enough recovery to get back in the gym the next day.

The workouts are short, taking between 30-50 minutes each. They are fun and challenging, with moments of joy and tears built right into each session. This workout system is one that you wake up looking forward to each day.

There will eventually be four parts to this series. Right now, we’ve released 3, and EA 4 will be available later this year. The first 8 weeks come in 2-week modules (new workouts every 2 weeks), and the next 3 programs are 12-week modules with new workouts every three weeks.

Get Strong System

This is my BRAND NEW workout system that just released from an 8-week beta test with 115 students. It’s the bee’s knees, if I do say so myself. Get Strong is a full body, 3 day a week workout system that mixes compound exercises, accessory moves, bodyweight classics, new twists on old exercises, stuff you’ve never seen, and oh yeah, lots of band work!

Many strength building workout systems hammer you with lots of compound movements. Over time that can leave you feeling beat up, injured, and often leads to plateaus. This program was designed to get you crazy strong in all your compound lifts by focusing on all the little things too—because the little things are really what amount to some big strength gains.

We’ve got new lifters, recreational gym enthusiasts, powerlifters, Olympic lifters, moms, grandmothers, career women, and everyone in between using this program with great success. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Get Strong will help you achieve new strength levels.

The workouts are the longest inside the membership, ranging from 45-70 minutes, depending on your gym setting and skill level. But you’re only in the gym 3 days a week, so it evens out. This workout is filled with surprises, new challenges, and all the videos are hot off the press.

Each video goes over breath control, bracing, alignment, and all the little details that make a big difference in your lifts.  You also have Get Strong Shorties, which are shorter, more metabolically intense versions of the Get Strong Workouts. These are perfect for an energy boost or if you're short on time. 


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