Are you suffering from a case of the DREADS…?

Dreading the same old boring workout routine that you scratched on a notepad six months ago? The one you've re-run more times than the final episode of Lost (it was soooo good and weird, but what was it even all about)?

Dreading yet another failed attempt at one of those schmancy Instagram workouts that the chick made look real easy, but you know you’re gonna fall flat on your face? #epicgymfail

Dreading the gym bros trying to talk over your very strategically volumed earbuds while peeking under your very strategically pulled down ball cap, just to tell you how they think you should workout. Like you’re a Disney damsel in distress under a barbell? Man, please!

Dreading the oh-gravy-did-I-just-climb-Mount-Everest-carrying-a-camel exhaustion you feel after your day because yesterday’s workout killed you...

And you're eating barely enough calories to feed a house cat because Joe trainer in that one article told you to..

And you can’t seem to find the right balance between work, the gym, and your COMPLETELY FULL, really there is no space on my calendar, SCHEDULE?

Dreading that nagging hip or low back pain you feel when you try to move anything remotely heavy in the gym. If someone could please tell me what the “F” I’m doing to make it all not hurt all the time, #pleasethanksbye?

Dreading the proverbial workout program hop because you can’t find a single routine that works for your body and your goals?

I had chronic sciatic nerve pain...


I was a strict endurance athlete and developed chronic sciatic nerve inflammation. A physical therapist told me that I had no posterior chain strength and needed to start lifting. I thought I was going to have to stop running if I didn’t make a change.


I started working with Fit Thrive programs in 2014, and I feel like I can hold my own in any gym. It truly changed my body in ways I never imagined. Other runners tell me how strong and healthy I look. I’ve set personal bests in my races without doing as much endurance work.


Because of what I learned, I can confidently walk into any gym without hesitation. I have no anxiety about what I am supposed to do in the gym. I work in a demanding field and having a well-thought plan delivered to me by someone I trust is like a little vacation from having to be in charge.


This is something I’m going to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know what that will look like in 20 years, but I can always go to the gym and find something to do that’s good for me and feels good. The programs inside of Fit Thrive ensure that I can show up to the gym and test my strength in new and challenging ways.



Lean in close, because we are going to have real-talk for a minute. Before you pull out another wisp of that dry-poo'ed hair wishing that someone on this planet REALLY picked up what you are a putting down when it comes to your fitness goals, hear what I have to say.

  • I get it. I get you. I was YOU ten years ago before I started my own fitness journey from the so-called fat-to-fit mom, and soon became a women’s fitness coach and author.
  • Right now I’m wrapping my virtual arms around you for a big ol’ bear squeeze. Because today is when the madness stops.
  • Today is day one of getting actual results with a fitness plan that fits your lifestyle, rather than you constantly trying to fit your life around fitness.
  • The whole "fat-to-fit" thing. I didn't buy it. I knew it was a way to shame me into endless hours in the gym and barely enough food to feed a toddler. I mean, I did it. And I hated every second of it.
  • Because as women we are supposed to have it all figured out, right? You know...
  • The whole start a career, birth a family, manage a household, host birthday and class parties, and make sure everyone's happy with perfectly Youtube tutorial-braided hair, and not a speck of "what-is-that-even?" on their shirts, plus a drawer full of matching socks for all, and underwear without holes. I mean, one hole is fine, right
  • Enters Kellie Into Your Life

    Ever feel bogged down with all that goes into living a fit lifestyle? With so many different diet plans, workout plans, and experts contradicting each other.

    It's no wonder you feel stuck standing alone in a big pile of hair that you've pulled out trying to build that beautiful body. 

    I am here to take the guesswork out of your fit lifestyle. And to let you in on a little secret: It's not as complicated as you think.

    The exercise and diet industry are good at making things complicated so you keep pouring your hard-earned money in to gadgets and gizmos, pills and potions, and systems that collect dust bunnies of frustration. 

    Grab a cup of camomile tea and take a load off because you no longer have to fret about what to do to build that hotty-toddy dream body. We are going to do this on your terms, and you'll love every step of the process. 

    I've got you , girl! 

 Press The Easy Button, Sista!

workouts on the fritz? I've got you covered.

What members are saying

Meg Doll (

"I LOVE these workouts. I can do them all at home with my full gym set up, but they were easy to modify for my travels! I love following a program that works for ME and that I don't have to think about! I truly cannot thank you enough for these workouts and programs!"

Fernanda Echineque (

"Stop looking elsewhere. Once Kellie walks into your life you know she’s the real deal. With years of experience she refuses to be ordinary and brings the highest standards to the table. She is a PRO. But not only that, she is the warmest and kindest human being too. If you want the best results, by the best? Kellie is your girl."

Tara Johnston (

"I have experienced not just an external transformation, but my confidence, self worth and perceived value have all sky rocketed. Thanks to Kellie, I am now a business owner doing what I love on my own terms."



Come join us in the land of fitness freedom and realness. Fit Thrive All Access Membership puts the power in your hands with a bounty of workout options at your fingertips, a coach who teaches you how to move best for your body and thoughtfully answers your questions as though you are a human and not a robot (because, hey, you're a human) Plus a thriving sisterhood of community members who really get you and support you like you matter (hint: you do matter). Double-plus, an easy-peasy cooking course, expert interviews on all things health and fitness, and bi-weekly live calls with yours truly.


Go On With Your Bad Self. Get These Workout Systems!

At-Home Foundational Workouts

The workout system that is the everything of everythang. Tap into your true fitness potential when we break it down, so you learn exactly what you need to do to develop core control and strength, while building stronger glutes that level-up to [s]hero status. Learn how the core and glutes work together as a support system, so you can develop rocket strength, grow purdy muscle, and get rid of nagging pain.

Body Part Splits

Build your epic everything with this unique muscly-growth system designed to pack on pretty murves (muscle and curves) from head-to-toe, while growing your strongest, roundest, perkiest booty yet. This choose-your-own adventure style series challenges you frequently in new ways both physically and mentally, whether you workout at home or in a commercial gym. These workouts are joint friendly with fast recovery.

Full Body Workouts

Overcome stuck-ed-ness, smash personal goals, and learn everything you need to know on be your baddest self in the gym. Become unstoppable as you develop Zena Warrior Princess strength that makes you a movement machine, a lifting bad ass, and all around more athletic. These intense full body workouts teach you how to lift weights like a boss so you can Run The World. Train hard. Recover well. Rinse and repeat.


Fit Thrive has one rockstar-status community of thriving women who are serious about their sisterhood. Our private community is like a virtual potluck picnic, where everyone brings something unique and cherishable to the table.  Plus you can connect with your coach for feedback on your workouts, post videos for technique analysis, and join interactive Live Q & A calls.



Your goals change over time. Your workouts should, too. The All Access Membership hands you the reigns to take charge of your fitness journey. Whether you want to get stronger, build more muscle, work on core strength, bring up muscle weakness or correct imbalance, or tap into your true power. The program you want is waiting right inside your membership.




Come Play Around Free For 7 Days! Your Membership Will Automatically Renew At The End Of 7 Days Into Your Pricing Package. Cancel Anytime Prior Without Being Charged. I Mean, If You Really Wanna.

6 Months


You are given a login portal that has three workout programs: Glutes+Core Strength , Epic Ass Workout Series, and the all new Get Strong System. You will receive new module content on a schedule as long as you are a member. New workouts are added to your portal every 2-4 weeks depending on the program. Each workout program has full video exercise tutorials, workout logs, and warm up guides. Bonus material includes flexibility work, breathing exercises, and additional videos to help you better understand your body. In addition, you can participate in Live Q and A sessions with Kellie or watch recorded replays, and join our private online community. We also have a closed Facebook Group. We now offer our monthly cooking content in Get Cooking and expert interviews exclusive to our members. 

Each program requires different equipment, but it is all basic. You are given options inside the programs for substitutions. 


Multiple bands: loop bands, bands with handles, and mini bands. 

A bench, a stability ball, kettlebells, dumbbells, or a barbell with plates. 

Recommended for Epic Ass and Get Strong: The above plus a squat rack or power rack, pull-up bar, trap bar. 

Fun to have, but not necessary: Leg press, leg curl, 45-degree hyper. 

You can cancel at any time during your membership. Your access to all content will be removed once you cancel. We will not offer refunds if you paid for a month and forgot to cancel your membership. Please note through your banking when your monthly membership is deducted from your account so you can cancel prior to your next payment. 

Our full refund policy can be found under Terms on our site. We recommend reading our Terms carefully prior to registration.

Workouts vary depending on the program and your fitness level or understanding of the movements. 

Glutes+Core: 3 workouts per week, 30-55 minutes

Epic Ass: 5-6 workouts per week, 35-60 minutes

Get Strong- 3 workouts per week, 55-70 minutes

*These times include warm ups.

Our content is delivered on a timed system to provide the workouts at the time you need them.

Each program offers new content every 2-4 weeks. It will show up in your account console, and you will also receive an email each time new content is unlocked.

You will not be able to view content ahead of schedule. However, if you unlock content and haven't viewed it yet, it will not disappear. 

Every time you get a new module in any workout system, it stays in your account for as long as you are a member. 

No way! Each time you unlock a new module in any workout program, the other modules stay inside your account. 

This is the choose-your-own adventure style we've grown to love at Fit Thrive.

We want you to have the power of choice. As long as you are a member, you will get to view any content delivered to you at any time. 


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