2 Glute-Building Moves To Reduce Low Back Pain

A Better Way To Bridge?

Have you tried the 90-90 hip lift, popularized by PRI or Postural Restorative Institute and back health expert Dr. Stu McGill?

These hip lifts are a great way to work on trunk and pelvic positioning, which is especially helpful for those stuck in lumbar extension and present anterior pelvic tilt and rib flare. 

The limit range of motion with the 90-90 hip lift helps to focus on moving out of extension and into lumbar flexion while posteriorly tilting the pelvis. Learning to move well on a sagittal plane helps you move better on all planes. 

By doing this you align the pelvic and thoracic diaphragms, helping to improve breathing patterns, while putting the trunk in better positioning. 

Below are the double leg 90-90 hip lift and single leg version. I actually prefer to program these in my Get Strong and Epic Ass workout series over feet-elevated bridges as it helps to avoid compressing the paraspinals, which is a common issue in certain bridging movements. 

90-90 Hip Lift

Single-Leg 90-90 Hip Lift


Adding Them To Your Workouts

Try 2-3 sets of 10 in your next lower body workout. You can also do these are part of your warm-up doing 1 set of 10 prior to exercise. 


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