4 Take-Anywhere Glute-Building Exercises

Glutes Exercises On The Go!

It’s great to have a regular fitness routine, but what happens when you can’t make it to the gym?

I’m a huge fan of on-the-go exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere no matter how much space is available.
Many of my online personal clients travel a lot for work (and pleasure. I make sure they bring their band sets with them-- which makes hotel workouts a cinch.
These are 4 of my favorite glute-building exercises you can take anywhere. All you need is a couple of mini bands and a little square of space.
Group these exercises into a quick glute circuit (will show you how), or added to the end of your regular workout routine for a little booty bonus action.

Feet-Elevated Bridge March

Pull up a seat for this one. Place your feet on a bench or chair with legs fully extended. This can be done with or without a mini band.

If using a band, place the light-weight mini band over the forefoot of both feet. Bridge up by pressing your hips toward the ceiling.

In a marching fashion, pull one knee toward the chest, then return it to the bench. Repeat on the other side.

Quadruped Hip Extension/Abduction Combo


This a classic favorite that I regularly use in my own workouts. You can do these with our without a mini band.

Place a medium weight mini band above both knees. From all fours, press up through the shoulder blades and place the pelvis in neutral (in other words, don’t let the shoulders and hips sag).

Extend through the right hip while keeping the core locked and loaded. You want the spine to stay neutral, so if you feel your back arching, aim for a lower leg position. There’s no prize for who gets their leg highest.

Return to starting position. Keeping the knee bent, raise the leg to the side, again keeping the core fired so the spine stays solid.

Repeat for reps, and then switch to the other side.

Band Clock Step

This is a fun one that really gets your booty burning. From a standing position, place the light-weight band around your forefeet.

Bend the knees slightly, and keep the pelvis stacked on top of the ribs. Step front, to the side, to the back  and to the side as one rep. The great thing about this exercise is you can do as many toe taps in each position.

I like to really challenge myself and do 10 front, 10 side, 10 back, 10 side as a single rep. Have at it and let me know what you think.

Repeat for reps on one side, and then switch to the other side.

Band Wobbles

This is a simple movement and a great way to get those hip abductors firing. Place a medium band above or below both knees.

Bend slightly at the knees, while keeping the hips stacked under the ribs. Move one knee out to the side, returning it to neutral. The key is to not let the knee cave in.

Repeat for reps on one side, and then switch to the other side. Once you complete both sides, go for reps with both knees together.

Putting it all together

You can create your own workout with these moves using a combo of sets and reps, along  with pairs and circuits.

For example, 2 sets of each exercise with 10 reps in each set. You can combine the first two in a super set (1a. 1b.) and the second two in another super set (2a., 2b.).


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