Fit Thrive Member Spotlight: Ashley


Ashley came to me for nutrition coaching three months after her second child was born. She was a long time member of Get Glutes, so I knew the foundation for fitness was there. I love working with strong women. Not just in the gym, but ones who know how to handle all the challenges life throws at them. Ashley is an exceptionally strong woman. 

Her husband was deployed not long after they welcomed their daughter into the world. She was determined more than ever to not only nourish her healing body but welcome home the love of her life to an athletic, sexy woman who felt incredible inside and out. 

I was honored that Ashley trusted me as her coach during this process and watching her transformation over the year has been breathtaking. Not only has her body become leaner and more powerful, but her mindset, her ability to go with the flow, handle what the day throws at her, and to be okay with what is. It's such a beautiful process and one of my favorite aspects of coaching. 

I'm elated to introduce this amazing mama to you and can't wait to share her story.  -Kellie


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I don't really know where to start with my background because it all feels so connected. After being very skinny my entire life I gained roughly 20+ pounds in college. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and my self-confidence suffered for the first time. I set a goal to learn one new skill/hobby a year, so I signed up for a sprint triathlon without really knowing how to swim! I took adult swim lessons, then bought a bike and sought after people to help me. After a couple years of training for triathlons and half marathons I felt discouraged that I really hadn't lost any fat. My husband (boyfriend at the time) encouraged me to pick up weights, and I begrudgingly listened. I quickly became hooked! I have been lifting weights for about six years now. I began with crossfit, then moved to traditional bodybuilding and now mostly strength training with Get Glutes and Fit Thrive programs.

When did you discover your love for fitness? Tell us about your journey and how it brought you to Get Glutes/Fit Thrive.

I think I really fell in love with it all gradually along the way. What used to feel discouraging, now gives me life. I've had highs and lows and continually find ways to rejuvenate myself. I found GetGlutes and FitThrive after listening to a Bret Contreras podcast. I have always struggled with form on squats (long femur club over here!) and his cues in the podcast helped drastically, so I bought the lifetime membership and dove right in. I am so impressed with the knowledge and cueing that comes within the member videos. I have learned more in the past two years regarding form than all four years combined.


What were some of the biggest eye-opening moments for you along the way?

So many take-a-ways and light bulb moments for me. Probably my top two are that for me, an ectomorph, less tends to be more for my body. I see the best results when I have ample rest, only lift a few days a week and use weight training to supplement other things I enjoy. Because I have been doing this program either pregnant or postpartum most of the time, I realized how life stress taxes my body and lifting sometimes takes a back seat to other factors in my life. Second, in the FitThrive Core and Glutes program, TVA activation changed EVERYTHING about how I lift. Breathing and bracing transformed lifting from the inside out. I didn't realize how strong I wasn't until I learned about bracing.

I think it's easy to get caught up on how our bodies look when we lift. Is my butt getting perkier? Are my abs flat? When will I get boulder shoulders? But focusing so much on strengthening my legs has drastically changed how I move dynamically and it's fun! I feel more coordinated, more athletic, and more agile (three things I have never been). When I play tennis I can get to the ball quickly. If I get up off the floor it feels effortless. While I hike my legs don't get tired as quickly. I am conditioned to do all the things I love when I want. I was able to do a 10 mile hike/run without preparation because my legs are strong. Those are all things that frustrated me in the past. The joy I feel overshadows any frustration I might feel regarding aesthetics. I am at peace with having cellulite and looking soft occasionally so I can fully live my life!

How have you handled setbacks and challenges?

I've had a few challenges. My husband deployed to Iraq when my 2nd baby was about 10 weeks old. I was single-parenting two kids under two and recovering from a c-section. I learned my nutrition had to be on point because some days I just couldn't get to the gym--no matter how bad I wanted to go. I had to learn to give myself a break and realize there was a time and a season to be hard core. But I also did a lot of home workouts from the Glutes and Core series and the Get Glutes program to help me keep moving.

What advice would you give to new members?

Advice to new members: enjoy it! Be patient. Start out assuming you don't know anything about lifting and soak it all up. When I focus primarily on form and really learning the movement I get the most strength, best aesthetic results, and most fulfillment from lifting. Ask questions and film yourself lifting to really understand what your body is telling you.


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