Are you self-sabotaging your fitness goals?

We all do it on some level. Self-sabotage. You might think, “Um, got the wrong person, Kellie. Totally not me.” Or you’re on the other side of the fence shouting, “Preach it, Kellie! You know me so well.”

Self-sabotage is a behavior mechanism that prevents us from reaching our long-standing goals. The most common form is procrastination.

I see it come up in fitness frequently.

“I’ll start working out when…” “I need to drop a few pounds before I join a gym.” “I got busy and didn’t have time to work out.”

However, other methods of self-sabotage sneak up on you, and you don’t even recognize their patterns.

The first step to stomping out self-sabotage is to recognize your own behavior patterns and realize your thoughts and behaviors are the reason you aren’t reaching your goals.

Here are the less-talked-about self-sabotage methods you use to prevent you from reaching your goals.

Negative beliefs about yourself

Though neuroscience is still in its infancy and we don’t know a lot about the human brain, one thing holds true. We are the creator of our thoughts, and the thoughts we have form our identity.

When we are constantly stuck in negative thought patterns, they become our reality. Think a thought enough you believe it. Get in tune with the thoughts you have about yourself and your body.

Do you persistently feel you can never lose weight or reach your fitness goals? Do you talk down to yourself, think you’re not good enough, or feel like you always have a long way to go?

Your relationship with yourself is number one. Ask yourself if you would say the same things to the person you love most—your parent, sister, best friend.

Needing instant gratification

Goals take time. They take work. The outcome might not always be exactly what you want. I see all the time how the fitness industry sucks in people looking for a quick fix.

Whether it’s a supplement, a 90-day challenge, a 30-day shred, a magic cream, or detox. Your body is a lifelong investment that requires a lot more time and attention than a short-term fix.

So much goodness goes on inside your body when you make the commitment to improve your health. If you get fixated on the weight you want to lose, the muscle you want to grow, or any other aesthetic factor you’ll lose sight of how much your body is improving in other areas.

Health and fitness don’t happen in a vacuum. You have to play the long game, even if you feel frustrated with your body. It’s about creating small changes over time that will lead to big results.

If I told you it will take a full year of hard work and dedication, but you will develop good habits to last a lifetime… would that be worth the effort to you?


This is a huge one. If you don’t have an hour a day to work out, or you fell for that piece of pizza… this doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel.

Fitness looks different for everyone. It may look different for you during different life phases or events. It’s better to workout out fifteen minutes than not at all. It’s better to enjoy that slice of pizza and eat healthy foods for the rest of the day.

If you feel like throwing in the towel every time things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Perfectionism is simply a means of getting ready to get ready. Always waiting for the right moment, the right circumstances, or for everything to line up.

Life doesn’t work that way. Do it messy. Do it scared. Your body will thank you when you start showing up at whatever capacity you can that day, realize tomorrow you can make different choices.

Getting Real With Yourself

Self-sabotage shows up in many different ways. No matter what it looks likes, there are behavioral or mindset shifts you can make to change how you show up for your health.

You don’t have to put in the work. You can be okay with the way things are. But ask yourself is more of the same really working for me?

If you choose NOT to do the work, then accept that almost nothing will change for you.

But if you’re ready to create change, I’m here to help. I know firsthand what it’s like to self-sabotage. I also realize that self-sabotaging behavior has the trickle-down effect, and flows into other areas of your life.

Relationships, work, finances, our home, self-care.

If you’re tired of self-sabotaging your fitness success, apply for coaching here. I’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get on your fitness success path.

I promise, once you find fitness freedom and learn to build a sustainable fit lifestyle you love, it flows into other aspects of your life. Things start falling into place when you prioritize your health and play the long game.

With love,






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