Free Workout: Band Booty Burn Out Session


This week's Workout Wednesday routine is all about that bass as the Glute Goddess Kellie Davis takes you through this booty burner workout! All you need for this quick home workout is a mini band and a little floor space.

We're going 4 rounds here. Be sure and rest 1-2 minutes between rounds and get ready to feel the burn!

Band Booty Burn Out Session

1a. Band squat with side-to-side step: 4x10

1b. Glute bridge with slow eccentric: 4x10

1c. Band hip hinge: 4x10

1d. Band fire hydrant: 4x10 each side


Give this workout a try after your normal workout or on an off day for a little extra pump.

We'd love to hear what kind of workout you'd like to try next, so send Kellie Davis a quick email at [email protected] and you could see your workout featured soon!


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