Bodyweight Glutes and Core Workout


Sun's out, buns out! This workout targets the glutes and core with a few of my fav bodyweight exercises. It works well if you need a quick workout when you're short on time, or you can add it to the end of a training session.

Bodyweight Glutes and Core

1a. Bridge pulse: 4x15

1b. Side lying hip raise: 4x10 each

2a. Side plank with abduction: 4x30 sec each side

2b. Plank walkout: 4x5

Perform each exercise as a superset, completing 1 set of exercises in group 1 before resting 30-60 seconds. Once you finish all four sets, move into group 2 and repeat the same sequence.

Hip raises and plank with abduction follow the same movement pattern, so your core and abductors work really hard during this one!



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