Ankle Weights To The Rescue: Two Moves That Build Glutes And Core With Ankle Weights

You've probably seen plenty of fitness personalities showing off these two ankleweight moves. However, many of them fail to stress the importance of core bracing, posture, and positioning when you perform the exercise. Take a close look at my demonstrations below to make sure that you are getting the most out of these glute and core strengthening gems. If adding weight is too challenging, then use bodyweight only until you master the moves. Your glutes and core will thank you.

Rainbow hip extension

When in a quadruped (all fours) position, it’s important to work on lumbopelvic control and core stability.

Keep the spine neutral and core braced so your hips stay aligned. Nothing should move other than your leg. No tail wagging allowed.

Avoid arching the back or swaying the hips side to side.

With any exercise, if it’s easy you’re likely doing it wrong. Control is key. Posture and positioning is key. Your core should be taxed from working just as hard as your glutes.

Try adding 3 sets of 10 reps each side to your next workout.

Ankle weight glute march from Kellie Davis on Vimeo

Here we have more fun with ankle weights. This move is all about control. The ankle weight glute march is a great way to get your whole core working together.


✔️ Keep your knees aligned with the hips.

✔️ press your low back into the floor and get your pelvis in a posterior tilt.

✔️Lift your hips toward the ceiling until while keeping your spine neutral.

✔️The tricky part is holding this exact position as you lift each foot from the floor. Use the muscles in your pelvis and lumbar area to keep your spine rigid and stable.

✔️When marching straighten your leg to keep your hips in alignment rather than bending the knee.

You can always start without weight and progress. Try two sets of eight each side.



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