The Filthy Five & Perfect 10: Challenging Lower Body + Core Workouts


I love experimenting with new quick workouts that I can implement when I'm short on time or in a rush. I try to do as much with as little equipment as possible so these two workouts fit the bill.

The Perfect 10 Landmine Complex

This is an ode to my friend, Ben Bruno, as he is the king of landmine exercises.

10 RDL
10 lunge (right)
10 half-kneeling shoulder press (right)
10 lunge (left)
10 half-kneeling shoulder press (left)
10 straight arm rotation
Work straight through each set without rest. Rest 1-2 min between rounds for a total of 3-4 rounds.


Filthy Five Med Ball Circuit

Grab a med ball of any size. I used 15 lbs. in this video. Perform each exercise and it's given reps consecutively without rest. Once you finish that last plank toe lift, rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 3 total rounds.

5 Goblet squat/rear lunge combo
5 Reverse wood chop each side
5 Med ball push-up each side
5 Med ball plank with toe lift each side


Give these a try next time you are low on time and let me know what you think! When you have time, of course.


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