Kick your workouts up a notch with these creative variations of some of our favorite exercises.  All you need is your trusty resistance band and a solid mind-muscle connection and your booty will be on the road to a #glutepumpfordays.  Give these a try and let me know what you think!

Reverse Hyper with Band

I love reverse hypers, but don't have room in my gym for a GHD. This is my alternative. Place one end of a band under your flat bench and the other mid-foot on both feet. Scoot your hips so the bench is nestled right in the joint and hold on tight. If your bench is light, place weight or another human on the other end.


Kickback with Band

This variation is definitely my new fav.

For the first part, press up though the scapula to go into thoracic extension, drawing the knee into the chest with a deep inhale so that your abdomen draws in and hallows. Hold for a couple of seconds and kick back hard, using the core to brace so you avoid going into extension. Keep the spine as neutral as possible. The kick should be fast, with a slight hold in full extension. Time your breath with the movement, inhaling deep during hip flexion and exhaling hard with extension.

The second part of the movement involves a straight leg hip extension with a slow eccentric portion of the movement. Lower the foot to the floor in a slow, controlled manner (save a 4-5 count), keeping tension on the band. You should feel this through the hamstring. As we did in the first exercise, pause the foot at the floor and then kick back fast, maintaining a solid core brace as you reach full extension.

This practice is all about getting the core to stabilize so your hips and spine remain neutral and you can really focus on contracting the glutes.


Standing Hip Extension and Abduction with Band and Ankleweights

Band booty work is awesome (obviously!) but adding in ankle weights can really give the movement an extra oomph.  Focus on really feeling your glutes contract with a big squeeze and do not let momentum do the work for you.  



Band Hypers with a Glute Focus

Here you can see I'm in posterior pelvic tilt (pushing pelvis into bench while tilting upward) with thoracic flexion (upper back rounding). This position raises a lot of brows, but it puts you at an advantage to take the back completely out of the equation so your glutes are forced to pull you up.



Try these out for 20-reps each on an off day and your glutes will thank you.  Repeat 1-2 times if you are feeling extra feisty.


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