Fit Friday: How To Get More Bendy


Kellie Davis Fitness Flexibility

It's never too late to get bendy. Today's Fit Friday session goes over two of my favorite flexibility moves to help work on middle splits. Even if you aren't keen on mastering your splits, these are both great tools to add to your cool down after a good gym session. 

The first is a ramped up version of the butterfly or goalie stretch. Here you will go through a 2-minute series that begins with the goalie stretch and moves into straight leg versions of the same move. 

Take your time with each segment, rocking back into the your hips to open up the hip flexors more. Be your best judge with how long you spend in each position, with the of spending 2 minutes total in this stretch. Take a 2 minute rest and repeat the process. 

The second flexibility movement involves PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching. This occurs when you work through a period of passive stretching followed by a period of active contractions. In this particular stretch I passively sit in a v-position at my initial max range of motion for 10 seconds. I then flex my quads as hard as I can for 10 seconds. After that I relax again, moving into a deeper range of motion. 

Repeat this process for 2 minutes, and then take a break. After a 2 minute break go for another round. 

You can do this series multiple times per week. If you are serious about getting your splits then practice each movement daily. I recommend being amply warmed up before going into these stretches. I do them post workout, but if you don't train that day make sure your muscles are warm and movement is fluid before beginning. 





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