Fit Thrive Member Spotlight: Therese Atwell

It's a story we women know all too well. How many of us have followed the dieting and fitness advice of popular women's magazines only to find ourselves hungry, tired, and frankly, disappointed? 

In this edition of Member Spotlight, Lifetime Get Glutes Member, Therese Atwell, shares how she transformed to a healthy and happy strength training diva and proves it's never too late build a beautiful, muscular physique. 

Therese's Story


I grew up fit and active. I was always in motion, and my favorite thing was gymnastics. I birthed 8 children and easily regained my pre-pregnancy weight each time. But my 9th pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. This along with some other serious financial and deeply hurtful relationship (not marital) issues threw me into a deep despair. My weight climbed almost to what it was at the birth of my first child. I wallowed there for years, and fell for the deception that being overweight and out of shape was inevitable because having kids and getting old just caused that. But one day I decided to try to turn that around. I was at an engagement party at a camp on the river and got the chance to waterski, something I loved doing since childhood. To my surprise, I could still easily do it, skill-wise, even after over a decade of not trying. I had to quickly stop because I didn’t have the stamina to continue. I resolved to reclaim my body while I was floating in the water, waiting for the boat to circle back and pick me up.

The next day I started back at my gym. During my funk, the only time I went there was to take the kids swimming. But I began my journey back to fitness with 20 minutes on the elliptical. I started watching my food intake with myfitnessspal soon after. By modifying my eating, I saw great results. But I fell into the trap that so many women’s fitness sites and magazines promote. The end goal of their message seems to be to vanish into thin air by doing too much cardio and eliminating as many calories as possible. Fast forward through a few metabolism crashes and I did manage to achieve a thin, saggy, sluggish body. But I felt horrible, and barely had any energy. Then I found the Strong Curves book and started reading about Bret and Kellie.  

Hearing about getting strong and eating well to fuel that strength was just the message I needed. I signed up for a lifetime Get Glutes membership the same day I left to go to my first figure competition. I was so thin and tired of the calorie restriction and overdone cardio. I enjoyed the competition, but quickly implemented this new found approach. By following Get Glutes, I am so much stronger, and I can enjoy eating. That’s a big deal in South Louisiana. Our culture is all about the food. I have learned to eat well and reclaimed a faster metabolism. My booty has filled back out and I am stronger than I ever felt in my thirties.

Following this workout regimen has really improved my life. The program is great. Be consistent with all the tenets of it, from the strength training to the healthy nutrition with lots of lean protein, and especially the rest days. You don’t have to burn yourself out, like I was doing before. Living this way is so much more manageable and life is much more enjoyable in this body that Get Glutes helped build.

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