Home Workout: Mini Band Butt and Core Circuit


Hey, it's coach Kellie Davis with another quick at-home workout. This one targets your butt and core in a short, intense circuit routine.  Break up your day with this 10 minute quickie workout that targets your glutes and abs like no other. You won't need much space, but may want to grab a yoga mat along with your favorite mini band.

This workout targets your hips in extension, abduction, and flexion-- you know, because I love hitting you from multiple angles. I think it's an all around great workout for your core and hope you love it as much as I do.

Mini Band Butt and Core Circuit

You are going to do 4 rounds in this circuit with 1 rest between rounds.

1a. Quadruped hip extension: 4x15 each side

1b. Fire hydrant: 4x15 each side

1c. Supine psoas march: 4x10 each side

1d. Scissor kicks: 4x15



Quick tip: It's important to learn how to co-contract your core muscles and glute muscles or muscles around your hips together. This is no easy task. Take your time with this work, focusing on bracing the core, maintaining neutral posture, and keeping the hips aligned throughout each exercise. 

Breathing is also an important component when working through these core and glute exercises. Don't hold your breath during the exercises. It helps to exhale when you initiate the movement and inhale when you return to starting position. Breath into your belly through the pelvic floor, and exhale fully so your belly sinks into your spine. 


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