How To Make The New Year All About Becoming A New YOU (and why you should)


Do you remember your first gym experience? You walked in, were greeted by the knowledgeable staff members, and went on a grand tour of the facility where all your safety concerns were squelched because everyone knew what they were doing.  

As soon as they swipe your credit card, hand you the flimsy plastic keycard, you felt confident, empowered, prepared, and supported in that environment!



I’m going to go out on a limb and say … probably not. 

And that’s why I believe GYMS ARE DANGEROUS.

Now you have to figure out all the equipment and hopefully pick up a few tricks by observing those around you.

Mmmkay, sounds good? #sarcasm

And as I coach- I’m even MORE terrified watching this take place.

Gyms literally allow humans to swipe a keycard and enter the wilderness of machines, weights, racks, and other various gym trinkets with zero experience, training, or guidance.

That’s such a mind-boggling thought for me. To no fault of the person performing the risky action (heck, we allll start somewhere … including me).

It’s like being air-dropped  in the woods with a compass and a prayer.

Granted, you won’t get attacked by a bear or freeze to death in the gym.

But I guarantee that lack of guidance is the single biggest factor in WHY you never reach your fitness goals.

The fitness and diet industry racks in billions of dollars accounting for the fact that many of us don’t ever figure it out.

You have probably dumped gobs and gobs of money into pills, potions, detoxes, quick fixes, weight loss challenges, subscriptions…

… You name it.  We buy it (Hello, been there!).

What do you have to show for it in the end?

Loss of motivation? Lack of accountability? Zero structure? Analysis paralysis?

That hopeless, gut-wrenching feeling that you are stuck?


The WHY In Fitness


I spend a lot of time thinking about the WHY in fitness. Probably too much time. WHY do some people get into that groove and never look back …

… While others sit on the struggle bus, hugging that seatbelt so tightly that they will probably never get off.  

I think about my own WHY. Why did I make a decision to show up ten years ago and haven’t looked back a single day since? WHY was I compelled to make such a huge shift in my lifestyle, and subsequently grow into this other person who couldn’t imagine a single day without being active and eating well?

I didn’t show up to the gym door ten years ago thinking like the person I am today.

But I kept showing up day after day, year after year until I did think like her… errr, me. Present day me.

One of the single biggest factors is I invested in myself. In mentoring. In coaching. In educating myself about my body.

Not just about anatomy and biomechanics (which… I’m still not 100% great at), but about UNDERSTANDING my body on a profound level.  

How it moves. How it feels when it moves. How it moves best for me. What foods work for my energy, my mood, and my gut.

So many of us spend a lifetime living an out-of-body experience. A lifetime detached from our bodies, it’s like a separate entity.

It’s hard to know what feeling good truly is if we feel bad all the time. Feeling bad becomes the norm.

A sustainable fitness lifestyle begins when you tune into your body rather than tuning it out. You get in motion, rather than simply going through the motions. You pay attention, rather than mindlessly working through a routine. You stop overthinking, judging and overanalyzing, and start trusting.

That’s when the fun begins. That when fitness becomes play. It’s joyful and you can’t imagine your life without it.

Movement is such a gift. Investing in movement is nothing short of impactful. It impacts your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

I don’t know where you are in your fitness journey right now. Maybe you are the one ready to hand over their credit card to a local gym come January 1st because you want to change. Perhaps you are someone who’s had a gym membership, or has a gym at home and you haven’t been using it.

Your Fitness Matters


Before you insert your chip into the reader, ask yourself if you are willing to make the investment that is required to see that real transformation.  

Or will you be another statistic of someone who dumps gobs of money into the fitness and diet industry without ever seeing lasting results? Without ever building a sustainable plan that is adaptive to your lifestyle year after year? 

If I could help you fall in love with movement, and to never stop moving because it’s has such a profound positive effect in all areas of your life…

… that is the biggest impact I want to leave behind. My legacy.  

Because fitness isn’t just about looking a certain way. It’s about FEELING a certain way. It’s about staving off the effects of aging. It’s about longevity. Having healthy emotions. Facing challenges. Getting through tough times in life.

I want you to feel that way about fitness, too. Maybe you already do. If so, I’m sending a big virtual high five your way. 

A New Way To Coach Online


But if you are feeling stuck. Unmotivated. In need of guidance or a fresh start.

Then you are really going to dig this thing I’ve got in motion right now. I’ve never been one to jump on the New Year's wagon before—not until I thought about how many souls enter the gym with high hopes, only to have that motivation fade four weeks after.

That hurts my heart. Really. I want everyone to UNDERSTAND how incredible it feels to take care of their body every day.

If you are ready to feel that, too, then hold onto your hat. I’ve got a big announcement coming your way.

I’m opening up the "New Year, New You" Group Coaching Experience.

If this sounds enticing to you, I recommend opening the email I send to you Monday morning. It will be on a first come, first serve basis and I am only holding a certain amount of spots. 

I will be sending out more info to you bright and early Monday  PLUS a special bonus for anyone who signs up before December 20th!

Chat soon,



P.S. The NYNY Group Coaching Experience doesn’t require a gym membership. You can workout at home with minimal equipment.


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