We Are In This Together

It’s incredible how lonely fitness can feel. Like no one gets you. Like you don’t belong. Like no matter what it isn’t working, and you don’t have the motivation to keep going.

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years, first as a fitness competitor and blogger. And for the past 7 years as a writer, trainer, and entrepreneur.

I pay attention to marketing and products, and how messages push our attention in a certain direction.

I look at data and numbers. Statics and metrics.

And what I see is nothing short of heartbreaking.

You are led to believe you are broken. You are one pill, potion, gadget, procedure, quick fix, gimmick, or fad away from being fixed.

Maybe you have dumped gobs of money into the fitness and health industry (I know I have).

You’ve bought the books, tried the diets, done the detoxes and cleanses, subscribed to the supplements, taken the classes, joined the programs, the Facebook groups, followed the gurus, paid for coaching, purchased the slimming clothes, done the wraps, the infrared saunas…

the list is vast

On average, we spend over 100 thousand dollars in a lifetime on fitness and nutrition. 

Yet we still seek a perfect solution. 

What's missing?

Where is the illusive pot of gold at the end of this rainbow?

Why are you STILL looking for the same answer and solving the same issues year after year?

Why are we all?

I have a confession to make…

I feel like a total outlier in the fitness industry. Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of people doing tremendous work as professionals.

But they are outliers, too. I am talking about the industry as a whole.

An industry set up to make you feel like you don’t own your body.

Fitness and nutrition is pushed as purely a numbers game, and it’s your job to beat the odds so you can win at this thing called ‘health’.

I’ve really struggled with this over the past year.

I question if I am contributing to this system because I talk about these things, rather than having the conversationsI really want to have with you.

My core beliefs, my values as a coach are that movement is a gift and should provide joy in your life, and food is our greatest source of community and togetherness.

You spend your entire day completing jobs and tasks. Whether it’s in your profession, your home, or your community. Your life are structured around work.

You have three primary sources of pleasure: Movement, food, and relationships (friends, family, partnerships).

But you are taught these three things are another aspect of work. You turn them into jobs and create so much stress around what you should hold sacred.

Movement, food, and relationships are your sanctuary. The moments in time where you can escape the pressures of life and be yourself. 

Where you can marvel in how beautiful your world is and what it has to offer.

Where you can be in awe and wonder of what your body is capable of doing … and push it into realms of new challenges and feats.

Where you can explore flavors, try ingredients from different cultures, and bring communities together for shared meals.

Instead the industry has led you to believe what should be pleasurable in life is merely another job causing more stress-- which leads to feeling not good enough.

You second guess whether you are making the right choices… whether what you are doing is worth the effort because you MUST have a measurable outcome.

I’m done supporting aspects of my industry I don’t believe in.

I’m done having conversations about surface issues, when you really need to go deep in ways that are meaningful and impactful.

I’m ready to step into the light and share with you all the joy and wonder and pleasure movement and food can bring you.

And to SHOW you by falling in love with movement, with what food offers you, you can fall in love with yourself in a way that is unrecognizable.

When this happens, your relationships broaden and expand in such meaningful realms.

Because you learn to truly express yourself and your needs, and you show up in the world differently.


More present. 


More resilient.

You feel limitless.

This year I am showing up differently for you. I’d love for you to join me on this journey. 

I am tired of you feeling small, helpless, and not worthy because my industry has conditioned you to feel this way for a long, long time.

It’s not your fault. It’s the messaging you’ve heard from a time before you even knew it existed. It’s the conversations had by women before you because of the messages they heard, too.

Because this is bigger than you. It’s bigger than what you see in the mirror.

We are talking about your life. The single body you get from birth to death.

The mind that creates the thoughts around your body. And how your mind and body interrelate with the world around you.

No amount of macros counting, workout regimens, supplement stacks, sculpted leggings, cosmetic procedures, or fat loss protocols will give you the body you want…

if you don’t first change your mind about your body.

If you are ready to change the conversation we have about fitness and food, I encourage you to join my new FREE 3 Day Course “Ignite Your Fire, Ditch Excuses, and Build A Fitness Lifestyle You Love.”

In this course you will learn why you lose motivation and what to do about it, what mind-body connection really means and how to get it back, and how to shift your perspective on your body. 

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