4 Take-Anywhere Glute-Building Exercises

Glutes Exercises On The Go!

It’s great to have a regular fitness routine, but what happens when you can’t make it to the gym?

I’m a huge fan of on-the-go exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere no matter how much space is available.
Many of my online personal clients travel a lot for work (and pleasure. I make sure they bring their band sets with them-- which makes hotel workouts a cinch.
These are 4 of my favorite glute-building exercises you can take anywhere. All you need is a couple of mini bands and a little square of space.
Group these exercises into a quick glute circuit (will show you how), or added to the end of your regular workout routine for a little booty bonus action.

Feet-Elevated Bridge March

Pull up a seat for this one. Place your feet on a bench or chair with legs fully extended. This can be done with or without a mini band.

If using a band, place the light-weight mini band over the forefoot of...

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We Are In This Together

It’s incredible how lonely fitness can feel. Like no one gets you. Like you don’t belong. Like no matter what it isn’t working, and you don’t have the motivation to keep going.

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years, first as a fitness competitor and blogger. And for the past 7 years as a writer, trainer, and entrepreneur.

I pay attention to marketing and products, and how messages push our attention in a certain direction.

I look at data and numbers. Statics and metrics.

And what I see is nothing short of heartbreaking.

You are led to believe you are broken. You are one pill, potion, gadget, procedure, quick fix, gimmick, or fad away from being fixed.

Maybe you have dumped gobs of money into the fitness and health industry (I know I have).

You’ve bought the books, tried the diets, done the detoxes and cleanses, subscribed to the supplements, taken the classes, joined the programs, the Facebook groups,...

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How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Workouts

Ever think about what your mind is doing during your workout? Mindfulness during exercise allows you to focus your attention inward so you can tune into your body as it moves, feel a stronger connection to your muscles, and achieve better results in less time.

Thought is a powerful thing. If your thoughts are elsewhere during your workout-- say thinking about your to-do list, the project deadline, or if you put the clothes in the dryer-- then your muscles and cardiovascular system aren’t getting the full attention they deserve

Conversely, if you focus too much on whether you are doing enough, doing everything right, or working at the right capacity you lose touch with that mind-body connection. The more you turn your mind off from everything else going on in life, then greater satisfaction you will have with your workouts.

Becoming mindful during exercise means you shift focus from your external world so that you can focus on your breath, how your muscles feels and contract,...

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The Importance of Collecting Data On Your Body

Even if you say you don’t, you are always collecting data on your body. How thorough you are with this process can make or break your success when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

When I was in bodybuilding, I bucked the system as much as I could. Consider me a lifelong rule breaker—just enough so that I push things slightly over the edge.

I couldn’t stand weighing and measuring my food. It felt like a chore, and I wanted to avoid feeling food-obsessed.

Here’s the deal. Even if you are eyeballing your food or using arbitrary measures like a deck of cards for a meat portion and a thumb-size for your fats … you’re still collecting data.

Not accurately. But you are.

That’s what I did. My coach set my macros and in the first week I dropped three pounds. I was already close to stage weight and had a hard time keeping on muscle, so dropping weight that early in the game wasn’t ideal. It wasn’t a goal at all.

I begrudgingly...

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Finding Clarity On What You Want

Yesterday I talked about how a huge life transition in 2016 helped me reform habits that no longer served me. For a long time, I had very little awareness about what I wanted in life.

Having no awareness of what you want usually looks like this:

  • Not following through on promises (to yourself and others)
  • Playing small
  • Feeling out of control in many aspects of life
  • Playing the blame game for your circumstances
  • Feeling disconnected from your true self, while feeling you are forced to live up to everyone else’s expectations
  • Going through the motions in life in a robotic manner
  • No fulfillment when you reach your goals
  • Fearing failure and staying stuck in the same avoidance patterns

Sounds dramatic, I know. But I was pretty much fitting every one of these descriptions to the letter.

Maybe some of these things resonate with you. Maybe all of them do, which is okay, too.

I Had NO Awareness Of What I Wanted In Life

Having this new awareness of having no awareness previously...

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Why habits are hard to change, but not impossible

Recently I broke a bad habit. Admittedly, it was hard. 

I got into the habit of settling down for the night with a glass or two of wine a few nights a week.

Not so bad, right?

Except it disrupted my sleep terribly and I felt groggy when I woke up the next day.

Before I broke that bad habit, I quit the habit of daily caffeine. I am a coffee lover, but also very caffeine sensitive. 

Between the wine and coffee, my sleep was a wreck.

Before I quit coffee, I quit sugar. Before that I quit using my phone 1 hour before bed. A few years ago I quit television.

You can see the pattern here. One slow, baby step at a time to reform habits that were no longer serving me.

To be frank … none of this was easy. But doable.

The Habit Loop In Action 

If you think about the habit loop, you simply change the behavior between the cue and the reward.

To take wine drinking as the example:

  • Cue > Finishing up tasks for the day and settling in to a book. 
  • Old behavior >...
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What Is Habit Building?


Yesterday’s blog post kicked off our habit-building series. If you missed it, you can snag a peek here.

I like to think of habit building as placeholders you keep throughout your day. The easiest way to build new habits and kick old habits that no longer serve you to the curb …

Is to take a look at all the placeholders you have in your day and find out which habits you want to replace.

According to Charles Duhigg in his book The Power Of Habit building, the more and more automated our behavior becomes, the less our brain has to work. He talks about what is called the habit loop:


  • Cue (trigger to automatically start behavior)
  • Routine (the actual behavior)
  • Reward (what you earn from the behavior)

Until recently, much of our talk about habit was based on routine. Say you wanted to stop smoking, so the suggestion was to not smoke. Right … easy as pie.

Newer researcher suggests that the cue and reward are the key components to modifying and...

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Why New Year Resolutions Die, And How To Save Them

Less than two weeks left in 2018 … phew! Where did the year go?

As you hang stockings by the fire, you may start thinking about your health and fitness goals for 2019. If you’re like many of us, you’ll toast in the New Year with a promise to change something big about yourself.

This always feels like the right thing to do. But how many years have you actually kept that resolution?

If you say none, you’re not alone. An article published in U.S. News sited 80% of New Year resolutions get pushed under the rug by week six. Typically these resolutions coincide with holiday guilt—being that we make them after a few months of endless festivities (and sometimes wash them down with a glass of bubbly at midnight).

According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reported that 55% of all resolutions are health related, like wanting to exercise more or eat better. Since researchers determine that only 1/5 of us get the recommended...

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How To Make The New Year All About Becoming A New YOU (and why you should)


Do you remember your first gym experience? You walked in, were greeted by the knowledgeable staff members, and went on a grand tour of the facility where all your safety concerns were squelched because everyone knew what they were doing.  

As soon as they swipe your credit card, hand you the flimsy plastic keycard, you felt confident, empowered, prepared, and supported in that environment!



I’m going to go out on a limb and say … probably not. 

And that’s why I believe GYMS ARE DANGEROUS.

Now you have to figure out all the equipment and hopefully pick up a few tricks by observing those around you.

Mmmkay, sounds good? #sarcasm

And as I coach- I’m even MORE terrified watching this take place.

Gyms literally allow humans to swipe a keycard and enter the wilderness of machines, weights, racks, and other various gym trinkets with zero experience, training, or guidance.

That’s such a mind-boggling thought for me. To no fault...

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All Things Worth Doing Take Time

There’s a bizarre phenomenon in the fitness and dieting world called rapid results. The ultimate 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day transformation that everyone expects when they sign up for a new gym or workout program.

Down the block from my home sits a gym where members are promised if they pay an upfront fee and hit their weight loss goal by a certain date (mind you, while publicly blasting the entire experience all over social media) …

… well, they get their money back. These places are popping up everywhere.

The whole premise is that clients will see the best results if they are nutrition compliant. Their workouts aren’t based on understanding human movement and helping clients move right for their bodies.

It’s more about cheering people on and encouraging them.

I’ve known a lot of people who’ve walked through those doors looking for transformation.

A lot of them get what they want.

Short term.

Rapid ‘results’ in weight loss are...

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