What Is Habit Building?


Yesterday’s blog post kicked off our habit-building series. If you missed it, you can snag a peek here.

I like to think of habit building as placeholders you keep throughout your day. The easiest way to build new habits and kick old habits that no longer serve you to the curb …

Is to take a look at all the placeholders you have in your day and find out which habits you want to replace.

According to Charles Duhigg in his book The Power Of Habit building, the more and more automated our behavior becomes, the less our brain has to work. He talks about what is called the habit loop:


  • Cue (trigger to automatically start behavior)
  • Routine (the actual behavior)
  • Reward (what you earn from the behavior)

Until recently, much of our talk about habit was based on routine. Say you wanted to stop smoking, so the suggestion was to not smoke. Right … easy as pie.

Newer researcher suggests that the cue and reward are the key components to modifying and...

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Why New Year Resolutions Die, And How To Save Them

Less than two weeks left in 2018 … phew! Where did the year go?

As you hang stockings by the fire, you may start thinking about your health and fitness goals for 2019. If you’re like many of us, you’ll toast in the New Year with a promise to change something big about yourself.

This always feels like the right thing to do. But how many years have you actually kept that resolution?

If you say none, you’re not alone. An article published in U.S. News sited 80% of New Year resolutions get pushed under the rug by week six. Typically these resolutions coincide with holiday guilt—being that we make them after a few months of endless festivities (and sometimes wash them down with a glass of bubbly at midnight).

According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reported that 55% of all resolutions are health related, like wanting to exercise more or eat better. Since researchers determine that only 1/5 of us get the recommended...

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How To Make The New Year All About Becoming A New YOU (and why you should)


Do you remember your first gym experience? You walked in, were greeted by the knowledgeable staff members, and went on a grand tour of the facility where all your safety concerns were squelched because everyone knew what they were doing.  

As soon as they swipe your credit card, hand you the flimsy plastic keycard, you felt confident, empowered, prepared, and supported in that environment!



I’m going to go out on a limb and say … probably not. 

And that’s why I believe GYMS ARE DANGEROUS.

Now you have to figure out all the equipment and hopefully pick up a few tricks by observing those around you.

Mmmkay, sounds good? #sarcasm

And as I coach- I’m even MORE terrified watching this take place.

Gyms literally allow humans to swipe a keycard and enter the wilderness of machines, weights, racks, and other various gym trinkets with zero experience, training, or guidance.

That’s such a mind-boggling thought for me. To no fault...

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All Things Worth Doing Take Time

There’s a bizarre phenomenon in the fitness and dieting world called rapid results. The ultimate 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day transformation that everyone expects when they sign up for a new gym or workout program.

Down the block from my home sits a gym where members are promised if they pay an upfront fee and hit their weight loss goal by a certain date (mind you, while publicly blasting the entire experience all over social media) …

… well, they get their money back. These places are popping up everywhere.

The whole premise is that clients will see the best results if they are nutrition compliant. Their workouts aren’t based on understanding human movement and helping clients move right for their bodies.

It’s more about cheering people on and encouraging them.

I’ve known a lot of people who’ve walked through those doors looking for transformation.

A lot of them get what they want.

Short term.

Rapid ‘results’ in weight loss are...

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The Obstruction In Your Path


It’s Thanksgiving break here, which means we kick off the week with a little excitement in my household.

Don’t school breaks always begin with someone getting sick, injured, or facing a huge life-altering obstacle (friendship ending, incomplete grades, etc)?

Today my son asked me to drop him off with his friends so they could ride bikes. Sure thing.

One hour later I got a series of texts that led up to my son admitting he injured his feet enough to be picked up PRONTO.

If you know boys and bikes, only a serious injury means they stop jumping hills to contact mom.

I pulled up to the park to find him hobbling out barefoot, shoes laced over the handle bars.

Both feet swollen and bloody.

He decided to defy the odds of gravity down a hill - in sandals, no less - only to hit a rock and plummet to his demise.

After bandaging him up, he asked me to drop him at the movies.

And there you have it.

Life hits you hard. You get back up. You move on. Right, kids?

It’s funny...

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The Secret's Out: Your Cellulite is Normal


Why can't we love our cellulite like we love the little chub rolls on babies? At what point is it no longer adorable, and when does it become a source of shame?

I joined a weightlifting class at school the summer before my freshman year in high school. It was kind of a joke of a class since the program was really set up to get the football team prepped for the upcoming season.

The guys would go in the room that had all the racks, benches, and plates. The girls (basically my friend Lee and me), would be pushed out into the room with a few machines and abs benches.

I was busting out some heavy leg extensions when one of the football players walked into the room. My immediate reaction was to stop as soon as his head popped in the door. I didn’t want him to see the cellulite that appeared on my legs when I lifted the weight.

For the few years that I did bodybuilding, my posing coach taught me to arch my back and stick out my butt so the crease between...

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Thoughts On Your Body


Nine years ago, I wanted to change my body. Really change it. So much so that I lugged my kids into a gym daycare so I could take a fitness class. 

I'd been avoiding the gym for years. I mean years. 

After my second pregnancy and subsequent weight gain, I felt shame going to the gym. I thought everyone would expect me to show up as the thin college girl who used to go that gym before she had kids. 

I heard conversations in my head, "Oh, poor thing. Having kids did a number on her." 

"Who is that? Kellie? I hardly recognized her with all the extra weight."

Okay, so no one was having these conversations about me other than me ... with me.

But it pained me knowing I wasn't her. You know, the carefree college kid who could slurp down milkshakes, eat half a pizza, and burn it all off in the gym for two hours before dancing all night with her friends. 

Where did she go?

Whatever it took to get her back, I was determined to do it. 

I strapped on my new running...

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How To Know If My Deep Abdominal Muscles Are Working


We do a lot of deep abdominal work in my programming. One of the biggest questions I get ask is, "How do I know if my lower core muscles are working?"

It's easy to tell if you top abdominals (rectus abdominis, or your six pack) is working because you can feel it, and sometimes see it flex. However, the core muscles in your lower abdomen are a little trickier. 

The deep core muscles work to stabilize the spine and the pelvis, so you have healthy hips and an aligned low back. When they don't fire properly, your superficial core muscles can take over, and you may also experience low back pain and tightness.

This video explains what to look for and feel when you are working to improve the strength, stability, and activation of your lower core muscles. Look for for what is known as doming or bread-loafing. This is when you initiate a core exercise and your belly turns into a dome. 

You want your belly to flatten when you perform core exercises. I walk you through different...

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Booty Building Quick Circuit

Feeling a little cheeky today from this killer glute workout! Grab a dumbbell and your favorite mini bands and let's get started.

If you haven’t tried the x bands booty mini band set, your glutes are missing out.

Booty Building Quick Circuit

1a. Dumbbell bridge: 4x12

1b. Band monster walk: 4x10 forward then backward

1c. Double band frog hyper: 4x10

Run through each exercise without rest. Then rest 45 sec and repeat for all four sets.


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Low Step Total Body Blast

Low Step Total Body Blast


Time for a new workout challenge! All you need is a small step and dumbbell (though bodyweight works great, too!)

1a. Goblet hold side to rear lunge: 4x8each

1b. Low incline push-up: 4x8

1c. Plank step-up: 4x8

Go for four rounds! Perform 1 set of each exercise without rest. Rest 1 minute and repeat for all four rounds.


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