Try These Two Pull Over Variations


Dumbbell pullovers are a bodybuilder's secret to great pecs, but they also work the lats and serratus anterior. This version uses a vertical bench.

If you can do overhead presses and pull ups or lat pulldowns, then the shoulders should be fine for this exercise. If you have shoulder issues, take precautions.

Stretch as deep as you can, exhaling as the weight moves behind the head. Throw this on as accessory work at the end of your routine, working in a higher rep range.

Ready to take things up a step? Try this version which allows for a deeper overhead reach. Bonus glute work from a glute isometric squeeze is always a plus when it comes to any exercise.

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Plank Into Push-Up

Push-ups and planks go hand-in-hand. You can get into a strong push-up position by starting from a kneeling plank rather than pushing up into position from the floor.

Here is a quick video that walks you through how I like to set up. Exercises are only going to be as successful as your set up. Get strong in those planks and it will transfer to your push-up strength.


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A Quick and Easy Guide to Food Portions


A Quick and Easy Guide to Food Portions

Hey, it’s dinner time! Guess what that means? Pull out the old scale, the measuring cup and the calculator. Don’t forget the tracking app you have downloaded on your phone.  Who’s ready to dig in? When you write it all down, calorie counting doesn’t seem so fun after all. In fact, it seems kind of like a job. A boring one. Then what happens when you go out to eat? Or you’re in a hurry (which is 95% of your week)?

Rather than stressing over exact measurements for all your food, give two thumbs up to this quick trick method. All you need is your hands. If you eat four times per day— which is the typical breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner—then this method will set your mind at easy:

For Women:

Eat 1 palm-sized protein dense portion per meal;

Eat 1 fist-sized vegetable portion for at least 3 of those meals;

Eat 1 cupped hand-sized portion of a carb dense for at least 2 of those meals;

Eat 1...

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Goal Setting: A Shift in Perspective

You’ve done it! You set that big goal. Whether you’re new to Get Glutes, a seasoned veteran, or just sniffing around the see what we’re all about you’ve probably come to us with a goal in mind.

That goal might be to tick a few pounds off the ol’ scale, add some weight to your deadlift, or GROW SOME F***ING BIG A** GLUTES! Regardless of your reason for pumping the iron your goal likely has a finish line ahead.

But what happens when you get to the finish line? More importantly what happens when you don’t get to the finish line? What then? What’s next?

The diet and fitness world is filled with advertisements that read something like:

“I dropped 10 dress sizes in 3 months!”

“I lost over 100 pounds in less than a year!”

“I can fit two of me in my old pants!”

Do you see a pattern here? They are selling you on a possible outcome if you buy their product or try their system. The operative word being possible. So...

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Ankle Weights To The Rescue: Two Moves That Build Glutes And Core With Ankle Weights

You've probably seen plenty of fitness personalities showing off these two ankleweight moves. However, many of them fail to stress the importance of core bracing, posture, and positioning when you perform the exercise. Take a close look at my demonstrations below to make sure that you are getting the most out of these glute and core strengthening gems. If adding weight is too challenging, then use bodyweight only until you master the moves. Your glutes and core will thank you.

Rainbow hip extension

When in a quadruped (all fours) position, it’s important to work on lumbopelvic control and core stability.

Keep the spine neutral and core braced so your hips stay aligned. Nothing should move other than your leg. No tail wagging allowed.

Avoid arching the back or swaying the hips side to side.

With any exercise, if it’s easy you’re likely doing it wrong. Control is key. Posture and positioning is key. Your core should be taxed from working just as hard as your glutes....

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Balance It Out: 3 Balance Moves That Build Big Quads

Working on knee balance and stability is important for your athletic pursuits, whether you lift, run, or play sports.

We get caught up in all the big compound movements. Smaller, stabilizing movements like the heel tap variations below can certainly humble you. It does me. Sooooo wobbly. 

Band heel tap from Kellie Davis on Vimeo

Band heel taps

Here I am using two bumper plates for elevation. You can use a step or plyo box too. Place the step far enough out from the rack to create good band tension.

The idea is to let the band create resistance that pulls your knee toward the rack— the knees out cue for squatting. Your body will fight it (as you see mine doing), but over time you’ll build the stability to keep that knee out.

Lightly tap your heel on the floor. This is a controlled movement throughout and looks far easier than it is when done properly.

Try 3-4 sets of 10 each side.

Band resisted single leg squat

Another way to work on knee balance and stability is...

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Fit Thrive Member Spotlight: Ashley


Ashley came to me for nutrition coaching three months after her second child was born. She was a long time member of Get Glutes, so I knew the foundation for fitness was there. I love working with strong women. Not just in the gym, but ones who know how to handle all the challenges life throws at them. Ashley is an exceptionally strong woman. 

Her husband was deployed not long after they welcomed their daughter into the world. She was determined more than ever to not only nourish her healing body but welcome home the love of her life to an athletic, sexy woman who felt incredible inside and out. 

I was honored that Ashley trusted me as her coach during this process and watching her transformation over the year has been breathtaking. Not only has her body become leaner and more powerful, but her mindset, her ability to go with the flow, handle what the day throws at her, and to be okay with what is. It's such a beautiful process and one of my favorite aspects of...

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Defining Your Normal

“Alison’s mom might be dying.” I first heard this statement early into my daughter’s 7'th grade year. Alison and Gwyn quickly became friends in junior high once they bonded over their theatre geekdom.

I met Alison’s mom, Sharon, briefly last summer when she was well enough to attend a feature of Bye-Bye Birdie in which Gwyn played Ursula, the giddy best friend to the main character.

Sharon’s peppery grey hair wisped around her face just barely grown back from her last round of chemo. A light sleeveless blouse complemented her olive complexion, revealing the amputation site where her left arm and a good deal of her shoulder complex was removed when doctors cut out tumors.

If you didn’t know Sharon seeing her perceived disfigured body may have felt a little shocking. Cancer doesn’t leave room for clean, pretty incisions with perfect sutures to ensure minimal scarring. Cosmetics aside, the goal is to cut away the bad stuff and all the...

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Fit Thrive Member Spotlight: Misti Hurrikane

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I am a native New Yorker, transplant to Colorado, mountain worshiper, parrot mother, clinical psychologist, spiritual inquirer, business owner, DIY real-estate investor, lover of all things colorful, shameless introvert and complete sugar addict. The latter is my biggest downfall. It really is. And yes, I am the only person in the entire state of Colorado that does not ski.

I am a lifetime member of Get Glutes and plan to take full advantage of that. Kellie is younger than me and healthy as heck, so I think the odds are in my favor. I have been doing Get Glutes for just over three years, but I am only in Month 33 because I periodically slow the program down to accommodate my other training.

When did you discover your love for fitness? Tell us about your journey and how it brought you to Get Glutes.

I have been active and “athletic” all my life. I did not compete in any sports until I got to college, but I grew up...

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Fit Thrive Member Spotlight: Therese Atwell

It's a story we women know all too well. How many of us have followed the dieting and fitness advice of popular women's magazines only to find ourselves hungry, tired, and frankly, disappointed? 

In this edition of Member Spotlight, Lifetime Get Glutes Member, Therese Atwell, shares how she transformed to a healthy and happy strength training diva and proves it's never too late build a beautiful, muscular physique. 

Therese's Story


I grew up fit and active. I was always in motion, and my favorite thing was gymnastics. I birthed 8 children and easily regained my pre-pregnancy weight each time. But my 9th pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. This along with some other serious financial and deeply hurtful relationship (not marital) issues threw me into a deep despair. My weight climbed almost to what it was at the birth of my first child. I wallowed there for years, and fell for the deception that being overweight and out of shape was inevitable because...

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