4 Moves To Build A Bulletproof Core

It's About The Slow Burn

A good workout should never feel rushed. Especially when it comes to core exercises.

The intent of a solid core workout is to not only build strength in your trunk but also stability and balance to protect the spine.

I like to think of going for the slow-burn when doing a core routine. Focus on breathing into your muscles, allowing the ribs and back to expand-- and then fully exhaling all the air in your lungs to create a corset around the spine.

This practice translates to having that added layer of protection during other movements. Of course, it comes in handy during squats and deadlifts, but also in everyday life. 

Many injuries happen during daily activities simply because we forgot that our body is working hard to perform a task. So getting in the groove of core bracing, during exercise can help trigger those same reactions when we need them most.

Take your time with each rep, focusing on what muscles are working, and whether or not you are...

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Quick Fix To Fire The Glutes Better From All Fours


The quadruped position is a great way to work on core stability, glute strength, and balance. Many of my favorite exercises are done from this position including bird dogs, rock backs, hip extensions, and fire hydrants.

The Set Up

Like any exercises, the set up will measure your success in these exercises, and a crucial component is getting the glutes and core to work in unison. 

The finer details of a quadruped position will make or break the success of the exercise. This video goes over the common mistakes often seen when setting up on all fours, and how to make corrections. 

It boils down to lumbopelvic positioning, cervical alignment, joint alignment, and thoracic and scapular positioning. 

Pay attention to how your body feels when in this position. You should feel solid, and your muscles throughout the trunk should work to keep you in a stable position. 

Avoid extending through the low back (arching), allowing the belly to drop toward the floor, or the ribs...

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