Fire Up Your Core Workout: 3 Advances For Your Dead Bug Exercise

Dead Bugs Belong In Your Workouts

The cat’s out of the bag and roaming the streets, telling everyone how much I love dead bugs. These anti-rotation, anti-extension core exercises have endless variations that you can program into your workouts week after week.

Frankly, when I started dead bugs, I didn’t love them. Like many fitness enthusiasts, I was doing them wrong.

The key is to time your breath accordingly, and get your core cooperating, so you don’t end up going all arch-deluxe when you move your limbs away from your center.

It’s no small feat to dead bug like a pro, and here are a few of my fav upgrades you can add to your workout routine.


Band iso-hold dead bug

  • Fix a band securely overhead behind you.
  • Scoot out away from the apparatus, so you get some good tension on the band.
  • Lock the scapula in place.
  • Press your back into the floor, so your entire torso is flush with the mat or surface.
  • Hold the band stead and move one leg out into extension....
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