How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Workouts

Ever think about what your mind is doing during your workout? Mindfulness during exercise allows you to focus your attention inward so you can tune into your body as it moves, feel a stronger connection to your muscles, and achieve better results in less time.

Thought is a powerful thing. If your thoughts are elsewhere during your workout-- say thinking about your to-do list, the project deadline, or if you put the clothes in the dryer-- then your muscles and cardiovascular system aren’t getting the full attention they deserve

Conversely, if you focus too much on whether you are doing enough, doing everything right, or working at the right capacity you lose touch with that mind-body connection. The more you turn your mind off from everything else going on in life, then greater satisfaction you will have with your workouts.

Becoming mindful during exercise means you shift focus from your external world so that you can focus on your breath, how your muscles feels and contract,...

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