Dumbbell Combo Blaster

Dumbbell Combo Blaster

If you're short on time combo exercises are the way to go. All you need is a set of dumbbells and ten minutes to get your heart revved with this quick workout.

1a. Alternating reverse lunge-curl to press: 3x6 each side

1b. Stiff legged deadlift: 3x10

1c. Wide stance squat with twist: 3x10

Perform one set of each exercise before rest. Take a quick 1 min break and repeat for all sets.

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Quick Kettlebell Blast

Quick Kettlebell Blast


Short on time and space? Grab your favorite kettlebell or dumbbell and let’s get to it!

1a. Goblet squat: 3x10

1b. RDL: 3x10

1c. Alternating reverse lunge with overhead hold: 3x8 each side

2a. Halo: 3x6 each way

2b. Wood chop: 3x8 each side

This workout has two groups. For group 1, perform one set of each exercise without rest. Rest 30-90 sec then repeat for all 3 sets. Once you finish group 1, repeat the same pattern for group 2.


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