3 Ways To Level-Up The Glute Bridge

Glutes and Shoulders, Oh My! 

The glute bridge is the cornerstone movement of a good butt-building routine. Master this and you unlock so much potential when it comes to training your posterior chain. 

One important caveat is to learn how to get the glutes to fire and core to stabilize while in an overhead reach position.

This could be a press, overhead squat, or simply reaching for something high on a shelf. 

Sounds silly to think about that, but a lot of injuries happen doing everyday things because we are conscious of our body positioning. 

Here are two moves you can add to your workout routine to help you learn how all of the trunk components work together (ie. hips, glutes, anterior and posterior core, and scapula).

Try them out in your next workout for a solid full-body exercise. 

Bridge with Overhead Reach

Grab a weight and get to it! Here I use a kettlebell, but you can also use a dumbbell, weighted plate, medicine ball, or just your bodyweight.

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Gym Hack: Alternative to 45-Degree Back Extension

No Equipment, No Problem

One of my favorite things to do is find gym hacks for exercises that normal require uncommon equipment. 

Not every gym has a 45-degree back extension, Roman chair, or glute-ham developer. 

But most gyms have a smith machine or squat rack.

With this simple set up, you can hack your gym and get in a good set of back extensions without needing the apparatus.

All you need is:

  • Smith machine or squat rack
  • Bar pad (not necessary, but recommended)

You may want to put a squat wedge or plates behind the feet if you worry you will slip. I've never slipped, but it's possible.

This video shows plates loaded and single-leg back extensions using this set up, but you can do any variation and it works the same.


Next time your in the gym, give it a go. It's not perfect, but it works just as well as the standard version.


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2 Glute-Building Moves To Reduce Low Back Pain

A Better Way To Bridge?

Have you tried the 90-90 hip lift, popularized by PRI or Postural Restorative Institute and back health expert Dr. Stu McGill?

These hip lifts are a great way to work on trunk and pelvic positioning, which is especially helpful for those stuck in lumbar extension and present anterior pelvic tilt and rib flare. 

The limit range of motion with the 90-90 hip lift helps to focus on moving out of extension and into lumbar flexion while posteriorly tilting the pelvis. Learning to move well on a sagittal plane helps you move better on all planes. 

By doing this you align the pelvic and thoracic diaphragms, helping to improve breathing patterns, while putting the trunk in better positioning. 

Below are the double leg 90-90 hip lift and single leg version. I actually prefer to program these in my Get Strong and Epic Ass workout series over feet-elevated bridges as it helps to avoid compressing the paraspinals, which is a common issue in certain...

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Glutes and Core Dumbbell Challenge

Glutes and Core Dumbbell Challenge 

Need a new quick workout challenge? Grab a pair of dumbbells and try this!

1a. Cossack squat: 2x8each side

1b. Single-leg glute bridge: 2x8 each side

1c. Uneven waiter's carry: 2x10 steps each side

2a. Russian twist: 2x8 each side

2b. Seated leg drop: 2x8 each side

This workout is divided into two circuits. Perform 1 set of each exercise in circuit 1 without rest. Rest 30-60 sec and repeat. Do the same for circuit 2.


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