Glute Workout: Double Results With These 4 Moves

A Glute Workout Sure To Pump You Up

Frequent glute workouts are one of the best ways to improve the strength, shape, and balance of your backside.

Trouble arises if you don’t let your muscles rest and recover between sessions. I’ve found the best method for building bigger glutes is upping the volume while lowering the weight you use.

This isn’t to say you should never use heavy weights when working your posterior chain. But short, frequent bodyweight and bands glute sessions are a great way to not only grow rounder and stronger but also help you recover better.

These 4 glute-building moves are staples in my training, plus the workouts of my clients and workout program members.

I’ve also included a quick butt workout at the end that you can do 2-3 times a week on its own or at the end of your workout.

Double-Band Glute Bridge

  1. Place a medium weight loop band around both feet. Wrap the band around the hips. Place a heavy weight min band above the knees.
  2. ...
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7 Killer Moves To Build Your Butt With A Box and A Band

Building a better butt isn't rocket science. In fact, you don't need a ton of space or equipment to get in a good glutes workout. 

In this series, learn my favorite booty-building moves using a box or bench and your favorite mini band. 

Hip Extension Exercises

These hip extension exercises are also known as reverse hypers. The key is to adjust your position on the bench so the end of it sits right where your hips bend. Otherwise it might feel uncomfortable.

These exercises help build the glutes for better pelvic alignment and low back support, and the hamstrings to improve running, jumping, and reduce risk of injury in endurance sports. 

Band Straight-Leg Hip Extension

Band Single-Leg Hip Extension

Band Alternating Hip March

Band Isohold Hip Extension With Knee Drive

Hip Abduction Exercises

Abduction exercises move the legs away from the midline of the body, help rotate the femur inside the hip, and stabilize hip joint. Though the glute maximus and...

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4 Take-Anywhere Glute-Building Exercises

Glutes Exercises On The Go!

It’s great to have a regular fitness routine, but what happens when you can’t make it to the gym?

I’m a huge fan of on-the-go exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere no matter how much space is available.
Many of my online personal clients travel a lot for work (and pleasure. I make sure they bring their band sets with them-- which makes hotel workouts a cinch.
These are 4 of my favorite glute-building exercises you can take anywhere. All you need is a couple of mini bands and a little square of space.
Group these exercises into a quick glute circuit (will show you how), or added to the end of your regular workout routine for a little booty bonus action.

Feet-Elevated Bridge March

Pull up a seat for this one. Place your feet on a bench or chair with legs fully extended. This can be done with or without a mini band.

If using a band, place the light-weight mini band over the forefoot of...

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