How To Make The New Year All About Becoming A New YOU (and why you should)


Do you remember your first gym experience? You walked in, were greeted by the knowledgeable staff members, and went on a grand tour of the facility where all your safety concerns were squelched because everyone knew what they were doing.  

As soon as they swipe your credit card, hand you the flimsy plastic keycard, you felt confident, empowered, prepared, and supported in that environment!



I’m going to go out on a limb and say … probably not. 

And that’s why I believe GYMS ARE DANGEROUS.

Now you have to figure out all the equipment and hopefully pick up a few tricks by observing those around you.

Mmmkay, sounds good? #sarcasm

And as I coach- I’m even MORE terrified watching this take place.

Gyms literally allow humans to swipe a keycard and enter the wilderness of machines, weights, racks, and other various gym trinkets with zero experience, training, or guidance.

That’s such a mind-boggling thought for me. To no fault...

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