Gym Hack: Alternative to 45-Degree Back Extension

No Equipment, No Problem

One of my favorite things to do is find gym hacks for exercises that normal require uncommon equipment. 

Not every gym has a 45-degree back extension, Roman chair, or glute-ham developer. 

But most gyms have a smith machine or squat rack.

With this simple set up, you can hack your gym and get in a good set of back extensions without needing the apparatus.

All you need is:

  • Smith machine or squat rack
  • Bar pad (not necessary, but recommended)

You may want to put a squat wedge or plates behind the feet if you worry you will slip. I've never slipped, but it's possible.

This video shows plates loaded and single-leg back extensions using this set up, but you can do any variation and it works the same.


Next time your in the gym, give it a go. It's not perfect, but it works just as well as the standard version.


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