Why Rotational Hip And Core Exercises Matter

Are You Locked Into One Range of Motion?

Take a look at your current workout plan and ask if it takes advantage of all 360-degrees when you move. 

Or do you typically move on the sagital (linear) plane with some variation of squat, hip hinge, forward lunge, or bridge?

If you've experienced nagging hip and low back pain, or feel your SI joint is out of whack, try adding rotational movement in the mix. 


Rotational Hip and Core Strength Importance

Think about when you throw a baseball or softball. What happens with your trunk?

Hopefully it rotates. If you've ever tried throwing a ball without trunk rotation, you'll notice it doesn't go far. 

Same thing goes for batting, hitting a golf ball, throwing a frisbee, swinging an ax. 

A lot of what we do in our day, be it sports, or otherwise requires our hips and trunk to move in different ways. 

Controlled rotational exercises are a great way to not only improve trunk and hip strength from these...

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3 Hip Flexor Strengthening Exercises To Add To Your Routine

Are Hip Flexors Your Weakest Link?

Do you think they have tight hip flexors from sitting for prolonged periods at a desk?

Let's exam what the hip flexors do so you can consider whether your hip flexors are tight, or just weak. Even if your hip flexors are tight, static stretching may not be the best alternative- especially if they are also weak.

The hip flexors are comprised of a group of muscles originating in the lumbar region of the back and hip girdle, which run down the femur. The pull the upper leg and trunk together.

The role of the hip flexors is to stabilize the pelvis and improve your gait. They serve as the connection that keeps the hips and low back together, which can help prevent excessive lumbar extension or flexion, and anterior or posterior pelvic tilt.

Since the primary job of this muscle group is to pull two bones toward a joint, when you are seated all day, the chair does their job.

When these muscles don't work the way they should, you may compensate with...

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