We Are In This Together

It’s incredible how lonely fitness can feel. Like no one gets you. Like you don’t belong. Like no matter what it isn’t working, and you don’t have the motivation to keep going.

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years, first as a fitness competitor and blogger. And for the past 7 years as a writer, trainer, and entrepreneur.

I pay attention to marketing and products, and how messages push our attention in a certain direction.

I look at data and numbers. Statics and metrics.

And what I see is nothing short of heartbreaking.

You are led to believe you are broken. You are one pill, potion, gadget, procedure, quick fix, gimmick, or fad away from being fixed.

Maybe you have dumped gobs of money into the fitness and health industry (I know I have).

You’ve bought the books, tried the diets, done the detoxes and cleanses, subscribed to the supplements, taken the classes, joined the programs, the Facebook groups,...

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