Are you self-sabotaging your fitness goals?

We all do it on some level. Self-sabotage. You might think, “Um, got the wrong person, Kellie. Totally not me.” Or you’re on the other side of the fence shouting, “Preach it, Kellie! You know me so well.”

Self-sabotage is a behavior mechanism that prevents us from reaching our long-standing goals. The most common form is procrastination.

I see it come up in fitness frequently.

“I’ll start working out when…” “I need to drop a few pounds before I join a gym.” “I got busy and didn’t have time to work out.”

However, other methods of self-sabotage sneak up on you, and you don’t even recognize their patterns.

The first step to stomping out self-sabotage is to recognize your own behavior patterns and realize your thoughts and behaviors are the reason you aren’t reaching your goals.

Here are the less-talked-about self-sabotage methods you use to prevent you from reaching your goals.


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