No matter where you live, you'll feel like we are working side-by-side on your personal journey toward new fitness and wellness habits, better movement, and a stronger body.


Fitness Action Plan

Workouts designed for you based on your fitness level, schedule, and goals. You receive a thorough assessment so we can come up with a plan together that fits your lifestyle and gets you to the next level. Your fitness action plan will include strength-based workouts, mobility drills, and cardio as needed. Each workout will come with videos so you know exactly what to do in your workout space. 

Food Habit Makeover

We take a look at your habits together and find what may be holding you back from your goals. Your calories and macros are set based on your daily activity and lifestyle, and we use those as a guide to keep you on track. You will also learn new strategies to improve your relationship with food, and build a sustainable eating plan that will work for years to come while allowing you to still enjoy life without feeling restricted.


We communicate daily through a messaging app and workouts are delivered through the Fit Thrive app, so it's like I'm in your back pocket holding you accountable. Quick daily check ins, plus a full monthly rundown with notes, photos, and measurements to determine the next step. In addition, we hop on the phone in the beginning to get to know each other and talk about your goals. I'm always just a short text away so you don't feel alone along this journey. 


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