Fit Thrive Workout Programs

Fit Thrive offers a number of workout programs to suit your goals and needs. Join the monthly All Access Membership, or purchase one of the Fit Thrive App Programs that delivers your workouts right to your mobile device or desktop. All Fit Thrive Programs invite you to join our closed Facebook Group. The All Access Membership offers a private online community where you can interact with Kellie, get feedback on your workouts, meet others along the same journey, and more!

All Access Membership

Fit Thrive All Access Pass is a monthly membership program that offers 3 different workout systems: Get Strong Full Body Workouts, Glutes+Core Strength Foundation Building, and Epic Ass Muscle-Building Glute-Intensive Program. 

Glutes+Core App

Own your inner superwoman and learn how to build your core strength and stability while growing your strongest glutes yet. All with minimal exercise equipment. This 12-week program is run through our Fit Thrive App. 

Epic Ass Series App

Epic Ass is a 3 phase series that builds your most bodacious bum yet all while adding muscle and curves on every inch of your body. Purchase individual phases or bundle them together for an intense glute-building experience. 

Band & Bodyweight App

This at-home or on-the-go 12-week workout system is a great way to learn basic movement patterns while getting in great workout without a gym. Use this at home, while you travel, or out in the great wide open.

Online Personal Training

Looking for a more personal touch to training with a coach working at your side? One-to-one training caters to your individual goals for both fitness and nutrition. Get custom programming and texting features to stay in touch.


Glutes, Core, and Pelvic Floor is a collaborative online system developed by Kellie Hart Davis, Meghan Callaway, and Dr. Sarah Duvall PT that puts the exact plan in your hands so you can better understand movement.

Affiliate Products 

(Coming Soon) We partnered with some of our favorite fitness brands so we can put the best fitness tools and products in your hands. Let us take the guesswork out of making sound purchases.

Affiliate Promotions

(Coming Soon) Fit Thrive has gobs of great workout systems. This section offers our favorite complementary programs so you can round out your wellness journey. 

Fit Thrive All Access Membership

You take fitness seriously. The All Access Pass puts the power of choice in your hands by offering three great workout systems for one monthly price. Sign up today to gain a better understanding of your body on a foundational level so you can harness your unique superpowers, take on new challenges, and stay strong and healthy for years to come. Can't wait to see you inside!


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