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Kellie Hart Davis

I was a born opportunist and eternal optimist. Arriving to this life in Colorado, I grew up with an insatiable curiosity for adventure. A kid who always needed to know why and never took ‘no’ for an answer, my stubbornness and tenacity has served me well in the online fitness space—where I am able to meld my love of movement with my creativity. I seriously have the best job in the world. 

I am the co-author of Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide To Building A Better Butt and Body, the Founder of Fit Thrive, and have spearheaded many collaborations in the fitness industry. I also work as a freelance writer and have done online consulting work for large fitness platforms.

Above all, I shine brightest through the connections I makes inside the incredible online community of women I've built over the past five years. The driving force behind who I am and what I do ignites in connecting women all over the world through the bond of physical and emotional fitness.  I create a safe space for women to open up, feel vulnerable, and grow into vibrant, strong powerhouses—which allows them to strengthen all aspects of life.

I am the mother of two teens (who are wittier, smarter, and taller than I am) residing the Sacramento suburbs. I spend my day nestled inside my home feverishly working on projects with my two officemates: Max and Oliver (lovable mutts).

In my free time, I can be found concocting great ideas and new programs in my gym and kitchen, laughing and dancing at a local pole studio,  out on the lake with my competitive rowing team, or on a paddleboard soaking in the sun. I take full advantage of the California lifestyle with day trips, hiking excursions, and lazy days at the lake.

Kellie has a BA from Florida Gulf Coast University and an MPS From George Washington University. She has been coaching woman since 2012, and sees clients on an individual basis in her small private gym. 



Maleah Johnston is assistant to Coach Kellie and the Virtual Wizard and Marketing Maven at Fit Thrive. She works behind the scenes at our website and handles customer support.

Have a question about your account or the program? She's your go-to lady. When she's not strength training or cheering on her fellow Fit Thrive community members, Maleah enjoys spending time with friends & family, experimenting in the kitchen and watching funny cat videos.


For inquiries about media appearances or other work, please contact Team Fit Thrive at [email protected]  



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