Meet Kellie

Hi! I’m Kellie.

Call me a fitness pro. A strength coach. A booty-building magician.

Whatever clever title you can come up with.

But in the end, I’m building a legion of badass women who, together, forge a quiet storm of confidence, resilience, and sisterhood.


 I am a behind-the-scenes type coach. 


You found me because you want to change your body through strength training. But as soon as I enter your life, be it through my articles, killer Instagram posts, or as your coach...

Things start to shift for you in ways never imagined. 

I'm the little fairy fit mother who tips over that giant pot of goals you've hoarded in the corner for years and sorts them out. 


Fitness isn’t about the hour you spend in the gym. It’s about the other 23 hours in your day and how you choose to live them. 

It’s easy to get fixated on what you believe your body can and cannot do.

I want you to realize that you are so much more than your body and this journey is so much BIGGER than you think.

I believe there are three certainties in life. You are born. You die. You get one body.

What you choose to do with that body between those two calendar dates determines the life you are going to live.

You only have so much time here.  How much of that time do you want to spend not liking your body?


Your life is a gift, plain and simple.


Your body is a gift, too.

When I design strength-training programs for women, I think about movement.

You see, exercise is a luxury. And like any other luxury in life, we take it for granted. How many times have you found yourself looking for the remote in the sofa rather than getting up to change the channel?

The more technology we have in our lives, the more luxuries we have, the LESS aware we become of our body’s needs.

Exercise becomes a chore. Some put it off. While for others it becomes a form of punishment.

But movement is essential.

If we lose the ability to move well and move often, we lose our quality of life.

I want women to fall in love with movement on a profoundly personal level. It’s not about counting reps, gauging your heart rate, or any other numbers games we learn to play when we exercise.

Because what you do with your body now can determine what your life will look like in ten, twenty, fifty years from now. 

It's not about quick fixes or fast results. 


It’s about pushing limits.

Challenging yourself to do better, show up differently, and defy the odds.

That THING right now that you think you can’t do. Whatever it is.

A proper push-up. Your first pull-up. Squatting your own bodyweight. Running a half-marathon.

That THING is inside of you.

And once you absolutely dominate and crush that goal, other things feel possible.

The best part about my job is when I watch what women learn in the gym flow into other areas in life.

People start noticing these subtle changes in them, but can’t quite figure out what’s different.

They stand taller. Assert themselves more. Make more eye contact. Command a room.


This quiet confidence builds around them. And they simply KNOW.


Whatever life throws at them. They know they can face it head on and figure it out.

That’s what being strong means.

It’s taking those skills you learn in the weight room and translating them to strengths in other areas of life.

Showing up each day a little better than the last.


That’s really what I do.



For inquiries about media appearances or other work, please contact Team Fit Thrive at [email protected]  



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